Naruto x Celio: the Collection that will delight all manga fans!

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of manga in France, the Celio brand honors one of the most popular Japanese works with a brand new collection: the Naruto Collection for men. Whether you are a fan of Naruto or Sasuke, you will find your account there. Thanks to Celio, your favorite shinobis will accompany you in all weathers, and in style!

Normal to dress at celio, even for Naruto and his comrades Sasuke, Kakashi and Itachi.
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the King of Rasengan, more than a new limited edition collection, we saw things big!
Exclusively, the Japanese studio has redesigned your favorite shinobis in a total celio look.
Like them, shop the complete outfit in store or online.

Celio Collabs Naruto Celio Collabs Naruto

You might have noticed, but Celio did more than just paste the series’ iconic logos and characters. naruto to clothes. Like his collection Pokemon Villain Costume Where SNKthe brand manages to give a modern and urban look to enhance the famous ninjas.

Celio Collabs Naruto Celio Collabs Naruto

Yes, with this superb limited collection, you can proudly wear a sweatshirt or t-shirt bearing the image of Naruto or Sasuke. References to the manga are present, but incorporated with subtlety, so as to constitute real fashion items. If you don’t dare go out with your Naruto printed tops, Celio completely changes the game by perfectly highlighting the universe of shinobi.

Celio Collabs Naruto 1654308407 98 Naruto x Celio the Collection that will delight all manga

Collection reserved for men, we can also raise a large margin in terms of sizes. Ranging from XXS to XXL, the clothes are suitable for all sizes, and even for the youngest teenagers. This is one of Celio’s other great qualities: his support for a very wide audience, from childhood to adulthood. The range of products is also very diversified. From T-shirts to hoodies, including shirts, you are bound to find a favorite product among this variety of items. Especially if you are a fan of the Naruto universe!

Celio Collabs Naruto Celio Collabs Naruto

Elegant, modern, suitable for all sizes and seasons… Even without knowing the manga in detail, we are delighted to notice the quality of the details and the special attention paid to fans of the series.

Celio Collabs Naruto Celio Collabs Naruto

In addition, the quality of the clothes is also there, because Celio clothes are very resistant to washing and will not lose their shine from the first day. So you can wear your favorite Sasuke t-shirt again and again without risking damaging it.

Celio Collabs Naruto

We had our two small models try out some of the products in the collection: the naruto sweatshirtthe sasuke sweatshirtthe beige Naruto t-shirtthe white Naruto t-shirt and the Akatsuki shirt (unfortunately out of stock). By going to the official page of the collection, you will find that many other items are also available, including shoes or a cap. What better way to accompany you this summer?

Celio Collabs Naruto

Enjoy the Naruto x Celio collabs now, as copies of this collection are limited. For all fans of the famous manga, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

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