Naruto x Dragon Ball: Who would win fight between Naruto mode Baryon vs. Goku Ultra Instinct

Recently, we have seen unforgettable moments within the most important anime of the last era, we talk about Dragon Ball and Naruto. In Dragon Ball, we have seen how our warrior Saiyajin he has achieved unmatched power almost to the point of comparing himself to a god.

On the other hand, we have Naruto, the ninja with the greatest desire to become the Hokage of his village who, recently, has taken a new transformation in order to defend his son and village from the attack of an enemy. The new transformation of Naruto It certainly shocked millions of fans around the world and this has led them to wonder if Naruto could be more powerful than Goku.

Well, we have analyzed each of the transformations in detail and created our own conclusion. Be careful, this does not mean that one anime is better than another or that the protagonist is better, each of these animes are spectacular in every sense of the word, so take this lightly. Let’s start with the main points of each transformation.

Power: Ultra Instinct.

Ultra Instinct mode Goku It is one of the “transformations” that we have seen lately both in the manga and in the series. This power or mental state, takes Goku to unimaginable levels of power, almost positioning him at the level of a god, this said in the words of Bills.

The mode Ultra Instinct of Goku is undoubtedly impressive since, the power that emanates is so great that it can be felt in the entire universe. One of the key points in this mode is that the user must keep his mind blank, so his body will take possession of itself completely. This makes him practically “untouchable”.

Power: Modo Baryon.

Naruto’s latest transformation has left millions in awe of its power. The new Baryon mode seen in the manga and anime of Boruto, shows us how powerful Kurama’s power can be and Naruto When they are together. This new mode has led Naruto to go beyond the power of his rival but in exchange for something important. Life.

The power shown by Naruto undoubtedly surpasses his enemy by far, we do not know how great Naruto’s new power is, but just by hearing Sasuke say that Naruto’s vision and reflections surpassed the power of the Mangekyo Sharingan, it certainly impresses. Also, let’s remember that Naruto rivals when using the Baryon mode, he is a Ōtsutsuki, something like a demi-god or celestial being. The modo Baryon is superior at all times to Isshiki Ōtsutsuki.

  • Cons: Ultra instinct it wears down the wearer’s body and can only be used for a short time until mastered to the level of angels.
  • Disadvantage: Baryon mode it is just as dangerous as using the 8 inner doors. When used, it snatches the life from the tailed beast within the Jinchuriky, in this case, Kurama. Also, it can only be used for a few minutes.

Fight 1vs1: The fight could only last until Naruto loses power Baryon, this will be a couple of minutes. Let’s remember that the Baryon mode not only takes Kurama’s life, one of its qualities is that it reduces the life of the person who plays, this means that Goku could also die.

If we compare these two, the fight is totally balanced, although Goku manages to hit Naruto, the fact of touching Naruto could take time of life and deactivate the Ultra Instinct, this would leave him completely vulnerable to any attack from Naruto.


The fight would be very close, for us it would be a draw since both could die. But if we have to choose the last man standing, we can say that Naruto could be above Goku in this battle but only for a few seconds.