Naruto x Jordan, reveal the first official look of the collaboration with Nike

We know, the anime from Naruto Uzumaki, has long since finished, and although its moments of glory have long been left behind, this title continues to prosper decades after its debut; This is how the successful series continues to inspire new collectibles and spin-offs to this day, and a few days ago it was announced that these franchises would work together, the fans did not stop wondering, when would it be that Nikewould allow us to see your collaborative designs.

Well, the wait will no longer be a problem, since just browsing twitter, when we finally see the first images of this amazing collaboration of Naruto with Jordanthe popular tennis line of Nikefor this month, and well, as they say, no date that does not arrive or deadline that is not met, and now, they have given us a first look at the collection.

These first images come from modern notoriety, where they not only showed us these three tennis models, but also other garments that were part of the collaboration. Now, Zion-Williams Y Jordan came together to create the color combinations of the sneakers Zion 1and being honest, they look pretty good, we could even say that they are some of the best anime tennis models that we have seen during the last years.

And yes, they come in three colors of Narutoas they are inspired by the Wise of the six paths, Madara Uchiha Y kuramaon the first design leans towards sage by borrowing its shades of orange and yellow, as well as the shape of the six paths from Naruto, wearing all those colors, and these sneakers even have symbols that the ninja wears on his cape. Whereas, the second color scheme is based on madaradue to its black and white vibes, where in addition there are red accents placed around the Zion 1 to imitate the Sharingan from Uchiha; and what can we tell you about the third model, based on kuramathe tailed beastwhich lends its blood-red hue.

All these tennis models are inspired by the form of anger that takes Naruto when you unlock your host’s fourth tail for the first time, so it’s easy to see nods to that design on the heels of these sneakers, and there’s even a chakra symbol located on the back that you can tear off. These models have not yet been released on the market, but lovers of Nike can start saving to buy them, since each of the models in this collaboration of Narutoit will cost about $130USD and, it is quite likely that they will sell out soon.