Naruto x Jordan show the first sneakers of their incredible collaboration

Just last week the incredible collaboration was reported Naruto x Jordanwhich, as its name indicates, combines the anime of the highly acclaimed and beloved blond ninja from Konoha with the luxurious sports brand of the best basketball player in history, which has already revealed the first sneakers of this unbeatable collection.

As you may well know, the anime based on the work of Masashi Kishimoto has collaborated with countless brands to make different types of sports and casual shoes, as well as clothing, accessories and more. but never before Naruto He had formed a relationship with a brand as big as Jordan, which is by far the most important and luxurious division of Nike and one of the most emblematic brands both in the world of basketball and in urban fashion.

Not to mention that Naruto is the second most important shonen of all time (because the first is dragon ball). So for this and much more, this collaboration is simply sublime, and this has been shown with the first sneaker models revealed today.

The model in question is the Jordan Zion 1, belonging to Pelicans player Zion Williamson who is a fan of Naruto, so the tweet has a quote from the basketball player that says: “Two of my childhood favourites: Michael Jordan and then Naruto. Both were able to collaborate and bring my vision to life. You can’t make these things up. You have no idea how much this means to me.”

A cool | Photo: Jordan

As for the designs, four in total have been revealed.. One inspired by Naruto’s Six Paths Sage Mode, the next inspired by Madara Uchiha with the sealed Ten-Tails, the third alludes to Naruto’s Four-Tailed Beast Mantle transformation and there is another model apparently inspired by Kakashi which does not appear in these images but it does in the promotional video and that we can distinguish by wearing the iconic military green color of the chunin vests.

Finally, the Jordan ZION 1 have a lightweight construction, comfortable fit and urban style that make them perfect forto wear with casual clothes, although in essence they are sneakers to play basketball.

What do you think of the first sneakers of the collaboration Jordan x Naruto?


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