Naruto: Your Feet Deserve These Itachi-Inspired Vans

You’re going to be amazed with these personalized Vans shoes with Itachi from Naruto designs.

Naruto is one of the most successful manganime franchises of all time and is still relevant today thanks to Boruto: Naruto Next Generationswhich continues to leave incredible moments for fans of the license, such as the return of one of the best heroes that have been seen in the multiple years of existence of the work of Masashi Kishimoto. As usual when a manganime series is such a tremendous success, its characters serve as a showcase for the artists to let their imagination run wild, and this is precisely the case that we bring you today, with some cool custom Vans sneakers.

And the protagonist of them is neither more nor less than Itachithe indomitable older brother of Sasuke, who is well illustrated in a pair of Vans sneakers that you can’t miss and that your feet would love to wear if you are a faithful follower of Naruto manga or anime. The creation is the work of the Reddit user davinciinkcustomswho has not hesitated to share his talents with all the followers of the subreddit dedicated to Naruto, receiving very positive comments and even requests to buy this wonderful pair of sneakers that you can see below these lines.

A follower of Naruto notices a change in Sasuke so absurd that no one has noticed it

Definitely, the design manages to capture the essence of Itachi Uchiha, recalling some of his great moments in the Naruto manganime and that have been recorded in the retinas of millions of followers around the world. If you want to be up to date all the information regarding Naruto and everything that has to do with its universe, we remind you that recently there was a big change in the origin of its protagonist that you may not know and that you will surely be interested in knowing to investigate even more regarding the first moments of Naruto.

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