Naruto: you’re going to freak out with this Gaara female cosplay


This Gaara cosplay will blow your mind at how impressive it is.

Anime cosplay increasingly defies realism and offers us creations traced to the works they try to replicate. The work created by Masashi KishimotoNaruto, has served as an inspiration for many artists to let their imagination run wild and surprise us with visual wonders, as was the case with hinata cosplayfor example.

We have also witnessed cosplays of Team 7, of the kage and much more. Without a doubt, the Naruto universe has a large number of notable characters. One of these, just as mysterious, is Gaara of the Desert, who was the jinchuuriki Of the sand.

This character he started out as an extremely powerful villain, but after the battle he had with Naruto, he changed his way of thinking, even becoming a great friend of the protagonist. All this and more makes him a very important character for the work and deserving of a cosplay as impressive as the one he did the Instagram user yaizaperez.

This female Gaara cosplay is stunning and captivating

If we take a look at yaizaperez’s Instagram profile, we will notice that she has done other cosplays in the past, also related to Naruto. But, this time, we will focus on his most recent work, which is Gaara’s.

In her photo caption, yaizaperez shares a message with her followers, in which she expresses her emotion for ffinally make Gaara’s cosplay. Also, she feels confident that her character design and portrayal is unique.

To begin with, in his Gaara cosplay we can appreciate the body paint that has been used to represent the iconic armor of sand that the character wears, although fractured as when Rock Lee managed to get through her during the fighting of exams chunin. She is evidently wearing Gaara’s outfit during this season. But the most remarkable thing about the latter is that it is not clothing, but body paint as well.

Yaizaperez’s Gaara cosplay also has their respective contact lenses that allow him to get the character’s eyes. We can also observe the tattoo in kanji what does Gaara have on his forehead and what says “love”. This is a word that very well represents the effort of the user to represent the character.

He also has reddish hair like Gaara’s and, as if that were not enough, he also carries the gourd on his back in which he contains his sand. Undoubtedly, one of the most impressive cosplays of the character.

Gaara: from the demon hated to the Kazekage loved by all

Gaara went through a difficult path to become Kazekage

This awesome Gaara cosplay job is well deserved as he was one of the best worked characters in the work. This began being considered a demon, both by his enemies and his allies and relatives.

Since I was young, Gaara bore the hatred of all the inhabitants of Sunagakuresince this was the One-Tailed Beast Jinchuuriki. Everyone was afraid of him and despised him. This made him grow a feeling of resentment. However, during the events of the invasion of Konohagakure, Naruto faced Gaara.

More than a battle of blows, it was also a battle of ideals, since both characters had gone through the same situation and were different. In this point, Naruto taught Gaara the way to let go of that grudge. and be accepted by everyone, which caused him to change until he became the kazekage of his village.

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