Naruto’s Best Battles In Anime History

You will notice that from now on we will talk about Naruto Shippuden, the freshly titled sequel to Naruto’s journey to become Hokage. You can consider this part 2. You might also notice that you can’t stream it on Netflix (at least right now), so you’ll have to switch to Hulu or Crunchyroll. Shippuden picks up two years after Naruto’s defeat by Sasuke, with a greater focus on the inner workings of the ninja world and the overall efforts to shape its destiny.

So far, the Akatsuki’s fearsome mission to forcibly round up the Tailed Beasts is mostly incidental to each arc’s main story. The fact that each member was an extremely powerful enemy was a cause for concern, but was never Naruto’s driving force to act. Until they target Gaara. Even though Naruto’s newfound strength is on full display, the climax of this arc actually comes down to Sakura as she heroically eliminates a member of the Akatsuki.

It turns out that Sakura trained intensely during the time-skip and gained immense strength, finally allowing her to bring something to the table. Even though she is outmatched against Sasori, she is never saved by Naruto. Instead, Sakura teams up with Chiyo, an experienced Elder who has lost control of combat, to strategically take down someone far above her level.

Jiraiya against pain

Series: Naruto Shippuden
Duration: A little over 1 hour
Best place to stream: Hulu
On Hulu: Season 3, Episodes 130-33
On Crunchyroll: Season 6, Episodes 130-133

For a very long time, Jiraiya was seen first as a grumpy old man and then as a heroic ninja. His ninja prowess has often been overshadowed by his fearsome perversions, but it’s against Pain, his former student, that his legacy is cemented as a true warrior.

Jiraiya’s best ninjutsu comes up against the legendary Rinnegan, an eye technique so powerful its existence was debatable. And it’s not just one person with special eyes he’s up against, there are six Rinnegan users working in perfect harmony and countering his every move. As the fight grows increasingly desperate, it’s clear things aren’t going Jiraiya’s way, and while characters have certainly died in the series, his defeat and death is one of the most compelling moments. most shocking of the series.