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Naruto’s inconsistencies They are no bigger than any other anime. In fact, one could say that most of the story is relatively coherent, even when the aliens begin to arrive.

However, the narrative has some particular flaws that are certainly annoying if you think about it a bit. Fortunately, they are not serious flaws, and with a little imagination, we can always find some logical explanation to justify them.

In this opportunity we will review some of Naruto’s biggest inconsistencies and we will explore some possible explanations to make sense of them in the story. But first, we warn you that the information below contains spoilers of the history of Naruto Y naruto shippuden.

The identity of Naruto and the Fourth Hokage

The fourth Hokage is the eternal hero of Konoha.. Long before he stopped the Nine-Tailed Fox’s disastrous attack, he had already accumulated dozens of merits in ninja wars for protecting the village. He was a kind and very powerful warrior, one of those who are born less than once a generation.

Despite this, it seems that everyone in the village they forgot what Minato Namikaze looked likeconsidering that nobody noticed his kinship with Naruto Uzumaki. And it’s not like there are no clues:

  1. Minato’s wife was the Jinjuriki of the Nine-Tailed Fox.
  2. Kushina is pregnant
  3. Minato becomes famous for sealing Zorro into a baby.
  4. Zorro’s whiskered baby is the spitting image of Minato
  5. The boy has the same last name as Minato’s wife. The only Person in Konoha with that last name.

Also, it’s not like there are too many blondes in the village. Despite this, no one seems to connect these dots. This is one of the most difficult inconsistencies in Naruto to see, because for some reason, adults act in an obnoxious way with an innocent child and ignore all the points above. For them, Minato chose the first orphaned baby he found on the street and sealed the fox inside.

This could be justified if we take into account the interest of the third hokage in hiding information about the fourth Hokage for Naruto’s safety.

Between his efforts, he may have eliminated all images of Minato in the village, or used jutsus to confuse the villagers. It could also be said that the villagers knew who he was Naruto but they didn’t care, though that seems less likely.

When Sasuke didn’t wake up the Mangekyou

In the Naruto story, members of the Uchija clan they can awaken new visual power when experiencing emotional trauma. This power is known as mangekyou Sharingan.

The powerful Itachi Uchiha He decides to die at the hands of his brother for three reasons: to allow him to take revenge to end his anger, to unlock the Mangekyou Sharingan and later use his eyes for the Eternal Mangekyou. Itachi’s death ended up awakening the Sasuke’s Mangekyoubut this concept gives rise to Another of Naruto’s inconsistenciesbecause Sasuke had already gone through an even more painful experience.

Sasuke had already experienced significantly more emotional trauma. This was when his precious brother murdered his entire family and the rest of his clan. Such experience should be more than enough. However, Sasuke only woke up a “tomoe“. When obito uchiha was a kid, woke up the Mangekyou Sharingan after seeing Rin diewho was not even part of his family.

A possible explanation would be to state that Sasuke was still very immature and therefore that intense emotion only awakened his Sharingan. Furthermore, he put all of his will into denying what had happened that night, so the trauma was spread over a long period of time. It could also be said that reliving the experience by flashbacks or genjutsus doesn’t count as a second trauma.

Naruto's biggest inconsistencies

Shisu’s eye

The Naruto’s biggest inconsistencies They usually revolve around the Uchiha clan and the Sharingan, because this was the most developed power in the series. And few ninjas were as powerful with visual jutsu as Shisui, or so it was assumed.

Shisui was one of the ninjas with the most potential of the Uchiha claneven more skillful than Itachi Uchiha, so it is said. In fact, he was her superior and best friend. Everyone spoke highly of the diligent student Shisui and his incredible eye power.

Yet somehow Danzo, one of the most mediocre and cowardly ninjas that have existed in Naruto, managed to defeat him and steal an eye. Also, somehow avoided his Genjutsuwhich is one of the strongest illusionary abilities in the entire series.

It can be argued that Danzo, having been the guide to so many genius ninjas, was exceptionally prepared for the Uchiha uprising. This would have led him to concoct a plan to keep Shisui’s eye, tricking him and outnumbering him.

Naruto's biggest inconsistencies

Obito’s unofficial Eternal Mangekyou

The Sharingan is one of the powers most important of all Naruto, but it comes with a weight. Whoever uses the visual powers of these eyes too much ends up going blind.

Almost every sharingan users in the series they presented blindness at some point, including Kakashi, who was not even an Uchiha. But the only exception to this rule is undoubtedly one of the biggest inconsistencies in Naruto: the case of obito uchiha. He used the power of his Mangekyou more often than any other, and although he is the same Sharingan that Kakashi uses, he does not suffer from blindness at any time.

One justification for this may be that Obito somehow had the Eternal Mangekyou, which is the ultimate cure for Sharingan blindness. The requirement for this is to steal the eyes of another member of the Uchiha clan and replace them with yours, something that Sasuke did with Itachi’s eyes, and Madara with his brother’s.

At no point is it stated that Obito possessed the Eternal Mangekyou. However, he was the second responsible for the massacre of the Uchiha clan, and it is known that he still had dozens of eyes of those who died that night. Obito was able to avoid blindness by making use of the clan members’ eyes, although he may not have awakened the Eternal Mangekyou due to him not having his two pairs of eyes.

The Rasengan vs. Chidori

When Sasuke he ran away from Konoha village for the first time to seek power, his friends went out to capture him to take him back by force. This arc led to an epic fight between Naruto and Sasuke which ended with both ninjas launching their strongest attacks at each other.

Sasuke was the winner, but in theory it shouldn’t have been like that. The reason is that Sasuke used a Thunder attack, an item that in Naruto lore it should be weak against Wind. Even if Sasuke’s seal matched the power of the fox within Naruto, the Rasengan had the elemental advantage and should have been the victor.

The creator of the series, Masashi Kishimotoadmitted that this was one of the biggest inconsistencies in Narutosince the only reason Sasuke won the battle was because this I needed to run away for the story to continue. One way to explain it is to assume that Sasuke was simply stronger than Naruto at the time.

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