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Yes OK Naruto It has already ended a long time ago, that does not mean that its creator, Masashi Kishimoto, be idle. Although he did not do very well with his new series, Samurai 8, which was canceled very soon, now dedicates his time to another work.

In this case a Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, of which you are writing your story and storyboards. But he takes time to collaborate on other projects, and that was the case with Dragon Ball, where he made a cover.

The creator of Naruto has his favorite in Dragon Ball

Due to the reprint of volume 11 of the manga of Akira Toriyama he took on the task of redrawing the art that adorns his particular style. It was after that that he participated in a recent interview with the medium. Saikyo Jump.

He spoke of multiple topics in said publication. But there was no shortage of being asked which was his favorite character from the Adventures of Goku and his friends. So that Kishimoto gave an answer that no one expected.

Olympic athlete celebrates his medal with a Kamehameha from Dragon Ball

‘Among the many Dragon Ball characters, the one I like the most is Krillin’commented the author of Naruto. To the above, he added ‘I’ve always read with passion the parts where he follows Goku closely, even though he knows he’s stronger than him’.

Certainly, this character has always stayed close to maximum. Warrior Z. He may not be the most powerful, but he is a great friend and very helpful support. Too bad they kill him too much.

Naruto creator reveals his favorite Dragon Ball character

Good Krillin is Masashi Kishimoto’s favorite

Masashi Kishimoto also said ‘I love all the chapters where Krillin fights, and that’s one of the reasons I chose to draw Volume 11. Congratulations on the 40th anniversary!’.

In this volume of the manga it is from the middle of the battle between Krilin Y Chaoz, which was very exciting and strategic, as well as the climactic moment of the combat between Goku Y Tenshinhan. It is a stage of the series that has enchanted many fans.

It is certainly interesting that the creator of Naruto lean on the good Krilin. Although he does not reach the strength level of Goku O Vegeta, is without a doubt the most powerful pure human being on Earth.

He has had a great training throughout his life, and although there are times when he loses his life, his friends are always looking for how to revive him. He currently has a happy life with his family, but he is always ready to participate in a battle.