Naruto’s death: when and how he dies in the manga and anime

Everything you have always wanted to know about Naruto’s death, we solve your doubts !.

Naruto is one of the most beloved characters in manga and anime since his story was published for the first time in the late 90s. Over the years, he has lived countless adventures in the company of his friends, leaving us important life lessons, as he struggles to make his dreams of becoming the Hokage from the village. However, the moment most feared by fans is Naruto’s death and we will tell you how this event was.

Upon completion of Naruto Shippū den and the later emission of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, a series that addresses the adventures of the new generation of ninjas, we were shown Naruto Uzumaki with his dream of becoming a Hokage already realized and also being the protector of world peace.

However, during the first chapter of the new Boruto series, we are a little ahead of the future and you can understand that Naruto has been killed, although it is not explicitly stated. These words made us wonder when the protagonist of the original saga dies and who would end his life, since the world was threatened by a terrorist group similar to Akatsuki and also by an ancient alien clan that had begun to move its pieces.

Naruto’s Baryon mode

In one of the Most recent chapters of the manga, our protagonists were shown facing the most powerful enemy to date, Isshiki Otsutsuki, who was a warrior of the main branch of the Otsutsuki clan, same to which Kaguya belonged, the first user of the Chakra.

Although Naruto had the synchronization of Modo Kurama, this was no match for Isshiki, so faced with the scenario of a possible defeat and the end of everything, the Kyūbi decides to reveal to the protagonist his last resource, with which they could defeat the enemy.

Kurama defined this new transformation as something similar to a nuclear fusion, where a new type of Chakra arises product of the combination of the Bijū and the Jinchūriki, known as Baryon Mode. With this, Naruto acquired a supreme power with which he finally managed to defeat Isshiki and end the danger he represented, but it had a high cost.

Kurama’s sacrifice: Kurama and Naruto’s death?

Once the protagonist defeated Isshiki, he fainted, as this new transformation was called the last resort, because it ended with the Bijū Chakra; thus, Kurama dies.

This terrible news led us to think that Naruto would also die, as happened to Gaara at the beginning of Naruto Shippūden after his Bijū was removed, but he did not. Kurama himself explains that this transformation works differently from extraction performed by the Gedō Mazō, so the Jinchūriki is not in danger.

With this we can know that, even though the half of Kurama that lay inside Naruto has disappeared, he is out of danger, so you can continue to protect the village. However, we still have Kawaki’s words at the beginning of the series referring to the fate of the protagonist of the original series. Naruto and Kurama become friends

Kurama’s sacrifice made to defeat a member of Kaguya Otsutsuki’s family, the most powerful villain of the sagaIt was an act of bravery to protect his friend and family. For now, it remains to wait for the story to continue its course and we are shown what Naruto will do now that he does not have the Kyūbi with him.

But we can be sure that the day that Naruto finally dies, he will fight like the hero that he is and without retracting his word, because that’s his way ninja.

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