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As one of Naruto’s villains bows out, the Boruto series features Kara’s Code as the new main antagonist. What are its powers, its origin and its objectives?

Code is now the main villain of the Naruto franchise – here’s everything you need to know about this awesome new character. Launched in 2017, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations featured many evil ninjas, but Kara provided the Naruto series with its first real big villains. At the head of the organization was Jigen, later identified as Isshiki Otsutsuki. Coming to Earth as Kaguya’s traveling companion, Isshiki shared his goal of turning the planet’s population into a tasty chakra fruit, but needed a fresh human vessel to achieve it. Thanks to Naruto Uzumaki’s Baryon Mode and Kurama’s sacrifice, the apocalypse was averted.

But a new catastrophe is never far away in the Naruto franchise, and Boruto wasted no time in introducing their next main villain: Code. The fiery-haired youngster started off as one more member of Isshiki’s Kara team but unlike the others, he was never introduced to battle. The reason for this situation becomes clear in episode 219 of Boruto. Kara’s last villain still alive (and loyal), Code guarded the Ten Files throughout Naruto and Sasuke’s fateful battle against Isshiki, and remains oblivious to his master’s death. Isshiki’s ghost then appears and entrusts Code with the evil will of the Otsutsuki, making Kara’s sole survivor Boruto’s new main villain.

Code Dans Boruto

Code’s story in Boruto

Boruto has yet to reveal Code’s origin. Her story begins as one of Jigen’s potential ships, identified as a rare human capable of containing the power of an Otsutsuki. It can be deduced that Code was already special when he joined Kara, and that he potentially comes from a renowned bloodline (although Kawaki proves that is not necessary). While most of the starship candidates have died on contact with Karma, only Kawaki has proven worthy. Code, meanwhile, had a unique reaction, surviving the process, but unable to serve as a vessel for Isshiki Otsutsuki. This means that Code will never turn into Isshiki. Rather, receiving Karma unleashed an unexpected and monumental surge in Code’s body, pushing his might beyond that of Jigen.

Code’s powers in Boruto

Due to his extreme loyalty and dedication to Jigen’s cause, Code allowed his strength to be limited by Amado’s technology, thus sparing Jigen’s fragile ego. Previous episodes of Boruto have shown how Amado’s modifications improve upon Kara’s other limbs – Delta’s stretch legs and lasers, Boro’s poison gas, Kawaki’s regenerating claw arms, and more. Code received similar gifts from Amado, and these were partially revealed in the Boruto manga. Code’s hands transform into razor-sharp claws, and he uses studded black bands (similar to the one that covers his face) as an instant means of transportation from place to place. Code can move anywhere another band has been laid – even on individual parts of the body – and its reliance on this technique suggests that its White Karma is not capable of doing space-time ninjutsu like Karma is. Boruto regular.

For Delta, Boro, and even Kawaki, the modifications made by Amado have brought about drastic improvements. Delta could go up against Naruto, and Boro nearly destroyed Boruto’s Team 7. According to Amado, however, Code would actually be stronger without his scientific tools. Currently, Code has the typical level of Kara, a bit stronger than Delta and Boro. But if released, the raw power of the Otsutsuki in his White Karma would make Code the strongest villain seen in Boruto so far.

Naruto Enemy Code

Code’s objective in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

For now, Code’s goal seems identical to that of Isshiki Otsutsuki: to use the population of Earth to produce a chakra fruit and to accomplish the will of the Otsutsuki. However, there is now a personal vendetta against those who killed Isshiki – Naruto and Boruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and especially Kawaki, who Code was already jealous of for being chosen as Isshiki’s ship. Code’s story and powers don’t end there in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, but there’s no doubt that he will take over as the main villain for the foreseeable future.