Naruto’s skin comes to Fortnite and Spider-Man’s could accompany him

Fortnite Battle Royale has become, with permission of Free Fire, in the game where everyone wants to be fit skin. Next monday, as we already anticipated, should start the Season 8. Among the little confirmed information, we want to highlight the confirmation of Naruto as a skin, and the possible arrival of Spider-Man.

Naruto arrives on the Battle Island

Although there are still people who claim that this information is still in the air, the truth is that Naruto s arriving during Season 8. It is not a rumor, nor is it something to come in the future (we know that Epic took over the rights to Naruto for Fortnite since July), but Donald Mustard himself confirmed it to qCandywing.

The only thing we can not confirm is the way to arrive to the game. We do not know whether to be as a Battle Pass character, as a turkey character or as a pack available only for real money.

Spider-Man aims to be a new Marvel skin in Fortnite

Unlike what happened with Naruto, this is less official. In the same interview with qCandywing, Mustard didn’t want to answer yes or no. before the question of whether Spider-Man llegara a Fortnite. “He who is silent grants”, which is often said. In addition, we already have Captain America, Wolverine, Iron-Man, Blade and many other Marvel characters, so the arrival of the wall-crawler as part of the Spider-Man: No Way Home promotion will surprise no one.

Remember that the Season 8 start next Monday, and that in Vandal we will offer you all the information about new skins, missions, challenges, tricks, tips and secrets as soon as it is available.