Naruto’s Top 10 Husbands, Ranked

When people think of attractive anime characters, they think of beautiful women from various series. But anime men deserve a little love too. When it comes to handsome men and anime characters that people would die for a chance with, Naruto you have an endless list of possibilities. The story features hundreds of men of all shapes and sizes with a wide range of personality types and abilities.

Fans all over the world have fallen in love with these characters and are struggling to rank which one is the best. While they all bring something unique to the table, there’s no doubt that some characters may be a little better than others.

10 Yamato Is The Safe Choice

Yamato was introduced in the series as Kakashi’s replacement to lead Team 7. Although he is not as cool as Kakashi nor as powerful. He can even be a bit boring. But sometimes boring is what people need. Yamato is reliable.

He’s the kind of man who could build a house with his bare hands and make sure his partner is taken care of for the rest of her life. Yamato may not be exciting, but he puts the “husband” in husbando.

9 Asuma Had Great Daddy Energylos 10 mejores maridos de naruto clasificados 1

Asuma Sarutobi was only in the crosshairs of Naruto for a short time, but during that time he quickly became a fan favorite. Asuma struck a chord with viewers like few other anime characters have. He had the attractive aura of a man who has rehabilitated a dark past.

It was dangerous but comforting. Asuma was the first person in the main cast of the series to have a child and it’s clear why. He radiates a perfect fatherly energy and fans are willing to fight Kurenai to get their chance with him.

8 Sai Is An Arrangerlos 10 mejores maridos de naruto clasificados 2

Sai has a tragic and tortured past, a trait that many find attractive. Born to be an assassin and raised to kill his own brother, Sai is one of the more subtle examples of a character saved by Naruto’s charisma. Throughout his time in Team 7, Sai becomes more and more human, gradually learning to feel emotions like his teammates do.

There is something charming about his growth that makes people want to help him more. Also, your frank and direct honesty with other people can bring a level of security that is hard to find in a relationship.

7 Rock Lee Would Defend His Honorlos 10 mejores maridos de naruto clasificados 3

Rock Lee made a clear impression from the moment fans met him. He entered the story determined to prove himself in a world of geniuses and made his crush on Sakura clear. Unlike Naruto’s crush on the same girl, Rock Lee’s chivalrous approach came across as less pathetic and more endearing.

Rock Lee is the type of man no one in history would date, but every fan wishes they could. no one in Naruto he would fight to defend his honor as Rock Lee would.

6 Obito Broke The World For His Lovelos 10 mejores maridos de naruto clasificados 4

Obito Uchiha is a villain. He was willing to enslave all mankind and kill whoever got in his way. Everybody wants a bad boy. Obito may have been a killer, but love for his childhood sweetheart was the basis of his motivation.

Obito was devoted to Rin, he would have broken the world to bring her back. Her death was the catalyst that made him who he was, and that level of commitment is magnetic.

5 Gaara loves his motherlos 10 mejores maridos de naruto clasificados 5

When it comes to characters fans are obsessed with, very few are above Gaara. Gaara is the kind of guy that people are convinced he could “fix”. Unlike in real life, where that’s almost never true, Gaara could be fixed by Naruto, and he was.

Gaara has one of the most distinctive character arcs in the entire series, showing a level of growth that people find absolutely charming. Plus, he’s a mama’s boy. Everyone wants to be cradled in the sand with a good mama’s boy.

4 Naruto Has Charismalos 10 mejores maridos de naruto clasificados 6

Naruto is the protagonist of the series for a reason. People are attracted to those with a strong personality, and it takes a strong personality to be a leading man.

Naruto may be rough at times, but he cares about his friends, will do whatever it takes to protect his home village, and has enough charm to convince even the most evil villains to change their ways.

3 Shikamaru Is Someone You Will Never Forgetlos 10 mejores maridos de naruto clasificados 7

Shikamaru may be lazy and have slightly regressive views on the role of women in domestic life, but fans think he’s still attractive. Audiences love a brooding, distant guy with a dark aesthetic.

Shikamaru’s somber aesthetic, laid-back mindset, and desire to do anything other than work hard make him a classic darudere archetype. Shikamaru is the kind of guy people break up with in high school but think of him for the rest of his life and wonder if he ever applied himself later on.

2 Kakashi is mysterious and powerfullos 10 mejores maridos de naruto clasificados 8

Kakashi Hatake is everything a person would want in a partner. He has the power to protect his loved ones when they want to feel safe, and he is committed to his friends, willing to die for them. He’s also mysterious, and his partner would probably still be learning new things decades into their relationship.

In general, Kakashi Hatake is extremely handsome. Fans have adored this character since his first appearance and that attraction has only increased with every moment he spends on screen. Somehow, he has done all of this just by showing his true face once.

1 Minato Is The Perfect Man In Every Waylos 10 mejores maridos de naruto clasificados 9

Minato Namikaze was a late addition to the series ofNarutolater appearing in naruto shippuden. But ever since his backstory with Kushina became known, fans are completely obsessed with this character. Minato is everything the others have on this list, but better. He has looks, power, chivalry and a perfect father energy.

The best thing the story did was give fans more Minato in the war arc by temporarily reviving him. All the viewers were blessed with his presence and fell in love with him even more.