Natalie surprises Naruto Shippuden fans with her Sakura Bunny cosplay

Perhaps Boruto has not been to the liking of the fans of Narutobut at least the anime and manga original is still much loved. Thanks to that we continue to see new cosplays of their characters and recently the Ukrainian natalie presented a cosplay of Sakura Haruno very original, because he imagined her in a red bunny suit that suits her very well.

Natalie is a professional Ukrainian cosplayer who has been dressing up as fictional characters from video games, comics, anime and manga for more than five and a half years, with several dozen characters in her portfolio to date. However, Sakura Haruno’s cosplays are among the most recent, as this year she became the kunoichi of Naruto.

Natalie in her Sakura Bunny cosplay inspired by Naruto Shippuden.

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In the years that Natalie has been cosplaying, she had not become anyone from Naruto until this year, because in January she showed her first Sakura Haruno cosplay with the outfit she wears in Naruto Shippuden. Since then, Natalie promised many Naruto anime and manga inspired cosplays for the future.

A few weeks after showing off her first Sakura Haruno cosplay, Natalie showed off an alternate version of the kunoichi by wearing a red bunny outfit, which was made by Sakura Loli with a Reo Odis wig. The photo of the shoot where she showed off the Sakura Bunny cosplay was taken by Pugoffka, another very talented cosplayer.

Since then Natalie has been sharing photos in her different Sakura Haruno cosplays every few weeks, so we have already been able to take a good look at her two versions and we notice that Sakura Bunny’s has had a better reception among her followers and fans. from Naruto.