NBA: player reveals that 80% of his colleagues hide that they like anime | Capital

The otaku culture before it was seen with bad eyes; however, at present, it is part of popular culture and little by little the stigmas are being left behind. This has made some celebrities, including athletes, show their taste for anime.

One of them is Zion Williamsonone of the best players in the NBA and a fan of ‘Naruto’. This has been seen on their social networks and has even promoted footwear with this theme.

the truth about the anime and NBA players

During an interview with the magazine GQ, Zion Williamson he explained how important the characters were in his childhood. When asked if there were other players who love anime, the player assured that many do not feel comfortable sharing this type of hobbies, since some think that because they are adults they cannot enjoy animations. Also, it can affect your relationship with some women.

“Around the 80% of league players are interested in anime; They just won’t admit it.” Williamson. In addition, he also attended the comic-con of San Diego to talk to other anime fans.

Zion Williamson Promotes Naruto Jordan Shoes

Although some may think that showing your tastes in a locker room of a team of the NFL or NBA, can cause older athletes to exclude you. Zion Williamson he is fighting to break all the stereotypes and for that he is promoting the brand’s shoes Naruto-themed Jordan.

This collection sold out quickly, proving that there are also many fans of the NBA who are connoisseurs of anime and like the character of the blonde ninja. For the player of New Orleans Pelicans, basketball is a fundamental part of his life, but he also has other hobbies such as Japanese animation.