Neither Naruto nor Shingeki no Kyojin: this is the best manga of all time


There are multiple standout manga over the past few decades, but there’s one that stands out for us and much of the public. Look what it is!

Neither Naruto nor Shingeki no Kyojin: this is the best manga of all time.© Shōnen Jump/Bessatsu Shōnen MagazineNeither Naruto nor Shingeki no Kyojin: this is the best manga of all time.

the sleeve, as comics are known outside of Japan, carry a long tradition in the nation of the rising sun with different types of language for readers, but it wasn’t until the mid-1980s that there was a resounding change in the industry and there has been an international expansion that has brought great titles to the world. Currently we have several options, loved or hated by fans, but here we will choose one above.

These types of publications are one of the fundamental pieces of the Japanese publishing market, especially in recent decades, where the great mangakas, as the authors of these comics are called, have gained unprecedented recognition from the from their fans. As we mentioned, there are various offers such as Naruto, Shingeki no Kyojin, Dragon Ball, Tokyo Ghoul, Detective Conan, Slam Dunk Yes Kimetsu no Yaibaamong others, but no one stands out as he has a piece.

This manga created by Eichiro Oda was first published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine on July 22, 1997 and continues to this day, featuring a total of 1,043 chapters in 101 volumes. That is to say, they are about to reach their 25th anniversary and have managed to cover different generations that have become Shonen fans, but it has also been appreciated with its anime adaptation.

The main story begins when Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King, reveals at the time of his death that his One Piece treasure is hidden and will be for whoever finds it. Among those undertaking the long-awaited search is main character Monkey D. Luffy, who seeks to fill the position left by Roger, after 20 years of no news of riches. There he will seek out nine companions, better known as the Mugiwaras (Straw Hat Pirates), to help him achieve his goal, as each has a mission.

Its television adaptation is also considered one of the most significant in history, so we are faced with a solid story that never ceases to surprise its audience. Moreover, the big manga and anime fan has more than once chosen a piece as the best of all time in different votes and it seems to be the general consensus that coincides with the majority thinking.

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