Netflix: only a few days left to see the most popular Japanese anime of the 2000s and its sequel!

The animated series “Naruto” and its sequel “Naruto Shippuden” will leave the Netflix platform catalog on December 31.

As much to tell you: it is now mathematically impossible to start a full Naruto marathon on Netflix if you thought about getting started today. The famous animation series, adapted from Masashi Kishimoto’s successful manga (72 volumes available from the publisher Kana), will indeed leave the platform’s catalog at the end of the year.

Composed of 220 episodes (including a good half of “fillers”, episodes produced in order not to advance the story and avoid catching up with the publication of the manga, editor’s note), Naruto follows the adventures of a turbulent budding ninja. Orphan ignored by the other inhabitants of the village of Konoha, the latter intends to do everything to become Hokage and win the consideration of his fellow citizens.

After this first series dedicated to the hero’s youth, the Naruto Shippuden series (500 episodes) took up the torch to tell the heroes of Naruto as a teenager, the desertion of his best friend Sasuke and the beginnings of the Great Ninja War which is coming. . The two animation series adapted from the manga Naruto therefore total more than 700 episodes!

Emblematic Shônen, the series experienced unprecedented enthusiasm in the early 2000s, and more particularly in France where it still generates a strong enthusiasm among manga readers; five years after the end of its publication, the series appeared last year in the ranking of the best sales of comic books with 274,975 copies sold of its first volume!

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A week totaling 1080 minutes, so you won’t be able to catch up on Naruto and Naruto Shippuden in their entirety until they disappear from the Netflix catalog on December 31st… unless perhaps you watch them skipping the filler episodes. , listed on many fan sites!