No need for philosophy lessons, Naruto takes care of everything

If the educational work obviously falls primarily to the parents, but also to the school, manga are not left out. Through super inspiring characters, anime encourage us to look at universal conceptswhile managing to generate mental upheavals in our minds.

This is indeed the case for naruto, whose many philosophical teachings have become a true path for many. Whether related to human relations, the relationship to oneself, or even one’s actions, several precepts mentioned in the manga are largely applicable to our daily life.

The Philosophy of Naruto Fnac

1) We are never better served than by those who love us

  • The moment someone thinks of you somewhere, that place becomes your home“- naruto

What’s the point of wanting to multiply deep relationships when it’s enough to dwell on kindness of those who think about our well-being with sincerity and loyalty. The simplest thing is then to take up residence in the very place where you feel the most flourishedwhich corresponds precisely to where these people with consideration towards us.

This is logically accompanied a qualitative rather than a quantitative approach about his immediate surroundings.

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2) Have a mind of steel to face perversion

It’s not the people that change, it’s just the masks that fall“- Obito

At a time when the society in which we live is becoming more and more individualisticit appears necessary to build a shell in order to protect themselves emotionally. Very often, we think we know our surroundings, even we idealize them. This is the case when you do not necessarily want to realize that a person you like does not act at all according to who he claims to be.

However, reality always ends up catching up with the image we have of othersand this is not necessarily due to a real behavioral evolution, but rather to the fact that deep nature everyone ends up getting the upper hand no matter what.

3) Self-transcendence surpasses natural talent

With practice, even a failure can become a genius“- Rock Lee

Nobody can deny the fact that he heard at least once in his life this famous phrase: “it has facilities“. Generally used in the school environment, it translates above all an idea according to which some people have much higher abilities From birth.

Whether or not you believe in this theory, one thing is certain, it is in no way this presupposed intuitive ease in a field that should lead you to doubt the fact that a hard work can fill any gap. Anyone who has aunfailing determination will constantly progress, thanks to the multiplication as well as repetition of efforts.

For example, even a poor draftsman has within him the resources to one day develop an extraordinary pencil stroke.

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4) The real strength is in self-confidence

Forgiving and accepting yourself as you are is what it means to be strong“.- Itachi

To be able to accept failures, not constantly self-flagellating, behaviors that we should all adopt. Yet, every day, each of us tries in vain to distort ourselves in order to appear more conventional in the eyes of the world. Your experience has made you who you are today and no one can judge this from the moment we never go through the same ordeals.

Judge intentionality rather than actions, a good way of not mistaking human relations.

Philosophy according to Naruto E.Leclerc

5) Never neglect what brings us positive

You only realize things when you’re about to lose them“.- Gaara

Most of the time, we do not realize the value of what surrounds us. Paradoxically, it is only when someone moves away that we realize their importance in our mental balance. A much more futile example proves it, from the moment when the loss of a material possession can provoke in us a deep desolation.

In this sense, the information to be drawn from it is that our attention must be much more focused attracts on all these little things that we neglect too often.

6) Our actions always have repercussions

When a man is hurt he discovers hatred, when he hurts someone he discovers the guilt as well as the resentment of the victims“- Jiraiya

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Predicting the future, until proven otherwise, no human being on the earth’s surface is capable of it. On the other hand, there is a fatality against which we cannot fight: any action taken consciously or not, moreover, leads to its share of result.

The way we act all the time has a significant influence on the feelings of the otherand it is only through certain experiences that we discover the sensory manifestations provoked by hatred, guilt, resentment, joy, despair…

7) Suffer to learn

Sometimes you have to be hurt in order to know, fall to grow, lose to win because life’s greatest lessons are learned in pain.“- Bread

Learning is far from being limited to the simple fact of sitting on a chair for eight hours a day for twenty years (if all goes well). Outside of our school curriculum, life is responsible for teaching us many precepts.

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Contrary to popular belief, it is not by enjoying the pleasures of our existence without trying to grasp their value that we grow. Do not live in denial, learn to be alone, try to disentangle the true from the false, use your failures as a strength… so many operating mechanisms that ultimately turn out to be the most instructive.

8) Empathy is the most beautiful of virtues

In the Shinobi world, those who transgress the laws are considered worthless, but those who don’t care about their companions are even worse.“- Kakashi

Of course, we do not live in the world of ninja (fortunately, by the way), but that does not prevent this quote from being valid for all that. In short, it perfectly illustrates the fact that certain fundamental principles are totally inseparable from our humanity in the primary sense of the term.

If even the one who breaks the rules is less blameworthy than the one who is unable to pay attention to his own, then that amounts to propelling empathy at the very top of the pyramid of values ​​to be defended body and soul.

Thanks to narutoyou are now ready to understand the world as a whole with much more serenity!