One of Naruto’s great secrets was hidden in Obito’s mask


Each of Obito Uchiha’s most important facts are linked with his masks!

Masashi Kishimoto has given many surprises to his fan community throughout Naruto; That is why this moving story of the orphan ninja who has pursued against all odds his dream of becoming the Hokage and protecting his village from any threat has given some of the most emotional moments, or rather, full of action that all we wanted we hoped to see in the world of manga and anime. However, these moments can also be part of a secret that until now we could have overlooked in its chapters.

In the story of the ninja with the nine-tailed fox, there is a villain with whom we have all had some conflict, either because of his stubborn character or because of a lack of empathy towards those he considers weak. Indeed, we are talking about obito uchiha, one of the main antagonists of the series. And it’s fair to mention that many of the events that were triggered at the beginning of Naruto were thanks to him. Although his story is somewhat complicated due to his aggressive and manipulative side, readers have managed to understand what surrounds this multifaceted character. They have even wondered what would have happened to Naruto’s fate, after the death of his parents, if he had never appeared, but if there is a detail that we cannot leave out when we talk about Obito, it has to do with the mask you have used to hide your identity for a long time.

The secrets of Obito Uchiha’s masks

Obito Uchiha has been in charge of wearing said mask after proclaiming himself as Madara-Uchiha to provoke fear in any of his enemies.. And hand in hand with the excellent manipulation that has allowed him to influence others, the transformations of this villain seem to have a reason. First of all, there are three different masks that we’ve seen of him throughout the series, and each has a similar design that covers most of his face, except for his right eye. This to show the Sharingan. The first one is orange and the shapes seem to indicate that it only has a whirlpool that covers it completely; the second is certainly a tan color, but the detail that distinguishes it is a mixture of nine shapes; and, finally, the third mask is white, in true Sharingan style, but unlike the other two, it has a pair of tomoe that simulate them (despite having the space to display them).


In relation to the transformations of Obito Uchiha since his youth and the ideal of the Will of Fire that characterized him in the history of the Shinobi World, the masks are not exactly a loose end for the antagonist, but rather each one has a value that represents an important event tied to what happens during the current arc. In the same order, the orange whirlpool mask is linked with the Kamui space-time jutsu (which Obito has used on countless occasions); the second mask (which, in reality, in the Naruto chronology, was the first one he used), represents the nine forms that were seen in the flashback of the attack of the nine tails and, therefore, shows kurama (the most powerful tailed beast of the nine beasts created by the Sage of the Six Paths and found within Naruto); the third maskwhite and the tomoe, basically represents the final sequence of Naruto, in conjunction with the Infinite Tsukuyomi and the Divine Tree. In fact, both tomoes that show Obitos’ eyes leave room for a third tomoe that shows the Sharingan opening between characters like Kaguya and Madara (because of the importance they have for the villain).


That said, we realize that while the details of Obito’s skins seemed completely unrelated to each other, there was an important and interesting enough secret awaiting about the character’s narrative. Hence, Obito would have given rise to many of the most important events for the series and marked the destiny of Naruto. Once again, we can see that no detail is left over when it comes to Kishimoto’s work. And, to tell the truth, it is quite appropriate that the antagonist is the one who wears these masks loaded with so many meanings.

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