One of the most forgotten characters in Naruto has the key to the future of Kohona and this is why

The best option to keep Boruto’s Konoha village away from Eida’s dangerous interests is Sumire.

Things have changed radically for the village of Boruto and Kawaki as a result of a series of events that did nothing but decline the hopes of its inhabitants; however, with the arrival of Eida, Kara’s former agent, Shikamaru has regained his faith in the village for good reason. Although, of course, it should be noted that there is a more effective protection option if instead, he put all his trust in one of the most underrated ninjas in the entire series.


Kawaki could make Eida fall in love to help the village of Konoha

To contextualize, Eida is almost invincible. His powers to control others, a very acute hearing that allows him to listen to practically any conversation that takes place in the village and even take a look at his most remote memories of past lives, it would seem that there is no one who surpasses him. . In this sense, the only people immune to his abilities are his blood relatives and members of the villainous Otsutsuki Clan from Naruto -which actually only includes Kawaki and Boruto currently-. Meanwhile, she is accompanied by her brother Daemon, who adores her and takes care of her behind her back when necessary. This company is almost perfect, since Daemon can reflect in real time any attack that is directed at it. Y Shikamaru’s plans are focused on using Boruto and Kawaki to take care of Eida and make her happy, since if Eida is unhappy she uses her powers to achieve her interests and there is no one who can stop her. And why does she include Kawaki? the answer is simple: she has feelings for Kawaki and believes that he will focus on what the ninja wants for her and accept it with pleasure.

Apparently, Shikamaru’s plan in Boruto #73 it will take importance only if everything turns out as it is as you foresee it. In other words, Eida and Kawaki became great friends during Boruto, which became the only compelling reason to regularly attend the Konoha village. Although, of course, there are many things that could go wrong in such a plan, especially since there is a possibility that Kawaki will dislike the idea and even that at some point they will not get along. Also, Kawaki could be mortally wounded by Code, who considers him an enemy. So be that as it may, Eida will not be very pleased with the circumstances surrounding her friendship and will vent her anger against those who stand in her way, specifically the village of Konoha.

On the other hand, the idea that Boruto and Kawaki’s link to the Otsutsuki clan would give them some advantage to annihilate her if she pursued her own interests, doesn’t nullify the fact that they would still have to fight Daemon, a rather dangerous opponent. . And, before all this, there is also the option that Sumire would joinso that Shikamaru, Naruto and Sasuke have a panoramic vision of things and, therefore, a better control of the situation.


Sumire could be the best company for Eida

Sumire came in late to the plan, actually, after she discussed why she thinks Eida needs to be in love in Boruto. From her judgment, even though it’s easy to use her powers to make someone want her and fall in love with her, she realizes that any relationship that depended on this would be a complete lie. Instead, she wants to find someone who genuinely reciprocates, without needing to use her powers to do so. Thus, she could say that there is no better explanation to describe Eida’s current situation. Also, this suggests that Sumire can put herself in Eida’s shoes and understand why she is making such decisions. And there is no greater proof of this than when Eida used her powers to listen to the conversation, she felt identified and surprised that someone could understand her.

So now Eida can be focused on her goal of finding a boyfriend who wants her on her own, but she could also achieve it in another way, as a close friend. If she were to include Sumire as she accompanies Eida, she would be the company she has always sought and she would consider her friendship to be really trustworthy and help her grow personally. In fact, having established a certain connection, Sumire may be the best at keeping Eida happy. and make sure the Konoha village is safe.