Overwatch 2 with Goku, Naruto and Darth Vader? Blizzard responds!

What if Darth Vader, Naruto, Luffy or Son Goku landed in Overwatch 2? It is not impossible according to the vice-president in charge of the franchise.

Only a few days left before the big launch ofOverwatch 2. A sequel that will turn fans’ habits upside down with 5v5, new maps, rebalancing and above all the switch to free-to-play. The latter could be accompanied by other changes that will go beyond the economic model. Blizzard could indeed take an example from Fortnite.

Big collaborations in Overwatch 2?

Expected for this October 4, Overwatch 2 will be placed under the sign of renewal. Beyond the gameplay itself, the entire business model is changing. No more lootboxes, make way for a new in-game currency, seasons and Battlepass both paid and free. Like many other productions of the genre, Blizzard will therefore take special care of the game’s cosmetics, especially with the arrival of mythical skins that will require you to take out your wallet. And to attract customers and please fans, the publisher could ride the wave of collaborations.

Goku, Vader or even naruto in Overwatch 2? Blizzard is in. Like Fall Guys and Fornite, which welcomed pop culture licenses as crazy as they were unexpected, Tracer, Genji and company will no doubt be able to wear exclusive skins from other franchises. Asked about the subject by Game InformerJon Spector has shown himself to be in favor of such an orientation in the future.

We’ve seen some really fun examples of games working with other brands or other games. I’m a huge anime fan myself. I think it’s super cool when I see Naruto appear in Fortnite. I don’t even play it, but it’s great. Now that our eyes are on Overwatch 2, these are things we want to explore. If we do, one of our key values ​​will be to do it in a way that’s right for the franchise.

Jon Spector, Vice President of Overwatch 2