Pain from Naruto has a female version in the real world that will shock you

The story centered on Naruto Shippuden may have ended years ago, but it will still be present among the millions of fans who have vibrated with the events and battles of this generation of the Naruto universe. In fact, during those years, the fearsome group of Akatsuki It was part of the main plot lines of the manga and anime. It is for that reason that many members are quite popular with fans, such as in the case of the mighty Pain who, in addition to having great fighting qualities, also has a very interesting appearance and personality. That is why it is usually an inspiration for many followers, even to recreate her female version.

Why not? What would Pain have been like if he had been a girl? Obviously, their fighting qualities were most likely to remain very similar, but their appearance could be quite different. Well that has wanted to imagine the cosplayer 29_ailyncm that, via Reddit, he has shared a kind of mashup between cosplay and drawing, she being characterized as Pain, and adding background and special effects that leave a most spectacular result. In fact, as we can see below, Pain’s version of this cosplayer shows an interesting combination of characterization and realism. In addition, we can also teach the design of a custom tattoo in which we find Pain reflected in a kunai.

We are quite used to seeing this type of contributions to the Naruto universe on Reddit. Your community makes contributions of the most interesting that reflect the devotion they feel towards this franchise. And we can find a multitude of high-quality contributions: tattoos that leave us with our mouths open, wallpapers for those who want to personalize their mobiles, and many fan arts that make clear the legacy that Naruto has left in his inspirations. Being one of the most popular Japanese sagas of all time, and that still continues through Boruto, there is no doubt that your community will always be there.