Personality test: which Naruto character would be your best friend in reality?

Some time ago, we suggested you discover the live-action series on Shikamarutitled “Shikamaru’s Revenge, and the least we can say is that the latter was not to the liking of all fans. There is always that naruto remains a work anchored in our memories, and that in these sometimes troubled times, a little break is needed. We therefore suggest that you take a tour of your best years through this new personality test.

Naruto, an essential work and still relevant

naruto was pre-published in Shūeisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump between September 1999 and November 2014, and as a result many of us grew up with it. manga and anime characters. From time to time, we are a little nostalgic, and seek again to immerse ourselves in this significant work, sometimes looking Borutosometimes by carrying out personality tests like the one in question here.

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Indeed, the very large number of characters in naruto allows you to carry out detailed personality tests, and the one of the day wants to bring together the compatible characters, in order to offer you once and for all the answer to the question: Which Naruto character will I befriend in real life?

Personality test of the day

Without further ado, we therefore suggest that you find our new personality test of the moment, which aims to let you know with which character naruto you would have got along particularly well in reality. Answer honestly, for the magic to work!

So what result did you get? Was it the one expected? We let you answer this question via our comments section! And if you want to discover our top 10 last words spoken by Naruto characters just before their death, you can just find it here.