PewDiePie outraged by Fortnite’s Naruto crossover

Epic Games have brought a surprising number of franchises to the world of Fortnite, giving players the opportunity to play as a wide range of their favorite characters. One of the more recent additions to the blockbuster battle royale are the Naruto characters, which were made available in the game earlier this month after months of rumors and speculation. For fans of the animated series, this addition came as a real surprise – and youTuber PewDiePie apparently doesn’t take it well. In a recent video, which you can check out below, PewDiePie claims that Fortnite is ‘ruining’ the things he loves, and that his longtime love for Naruto feels tarnished by the game.

Fortnite is ruining everything I love! They took Superman. They took Master Chief. And now they have come for my boy Naruto! Why ? Why does it exist? Who asked for that? … The thing is, like, okay, Master Chief. Of course, I loved Halo when I was a kid. Who didn’t love him? We all loved him. But at least he had a gun, right?

You know, there’s a lot of pent-up anger here for me, because it’s been going on for a while, ”added PewDiePie. “Of course I loved Naruto when I was a kid, but that doesn’t matter now.”

The first hints that the anime icon would potentially make its way into the game were revealed in May, in presentation materials released during the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games. Leaks and subsequent datamines had indicated that Naruto was on his way to the game, both in the form of datamines which included code names or overt references to the anime’s lore. The game previously included an emote mimicking the infamous ‘Naruto run’ in 2019.

Naruto is the latest in an ever-expanding array of franchises added to Fortnite, including (recently) Dune, DC Comics, Resident Evil, Ghostbusters, and reimagined versions of the Universal Monsters.