Quiz Demon Slayer, Naruto… only an anime fan will be able to recognize the faces of these 20 characters

Are you a big anime fan? They have no secrets for you? Come prove it with this character name quiz. In the program ? From Hunter x Hunterfrom SNK (Attack on Titan), Demon Slayer, One Piece or One-Punch Man and Death Note. Good luck.


Where is Killua?

A cult character in HunterxHunter

Where is Akari Nitta?

A badass young woman in Jujutsen Kaisen.

Where is Asta?

A character who has (much) too much energy in Black Clover.

Where is Emma?

The darling of Promised Neverland fans.

Where is Gojo?

The best character of Jujutsu Kaisen (yes, yes).

Where is Hisoka?

The map pro in HunterxHunter.

Where is Karma?

A character with guts in Assassination Classroom

Where is the ?

Death Note’s brain.

Where is Livai?

An Attack on Titan fan favourite!

Where is Mikasa?

One of the most badass people in Attack on Titan!

Where is Nagisa?

Assassination Classroom fans will have recognized this.

Where is Nami?

For One Piece fans, she is not unknown.

Where is Nezuko?

The adorable possessed sister in Demon Slayer.

Where is Noelle?

Black Clover fans approve.

Where is Norman?

The little darling of The Promised Neverland!

Where is Ryuk?

The God of Death in Death Note.

Where is Satoru (Mumen Rider)?

The bike king in One Punch Man.

Where is Tanjiro?

The hero of Demon Slayer!

Where is Tornado?

For One Punch Man fans.

Where is Sanji?

He is always talked about a lot in One Piece!

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Aurelia Baranes

Aurelia Baranes

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