Quiz: eliminate characters from Naruto, we tell you how you die in the anime

You wanna know how you could die in naruto ? All you have to do is eliminate five characters in this quiz, and find out your fate in the anime as a result.


Eliminate an Akatsuki member

Eliminate a member of Team 7

Eliminate another character

Finally, who do you eliminate among these three characters?

You get killed by the Akatsuki

You were a prime target for the organization and all the members tracked you down until they found you. Even though you are a talented ninja, they managed to get their hands on you and murdered you.

Orochimaru takes possession of your body

For one of his greatest missions, Orochimaru needed to take possession of your body. Impossible for him to complete his goal without you. Unfortunately, all your vitality left you, and you did not survive.

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You get killed by Gaara in a long fight

Gaara has always been your enemy. You’ve never liked him since your very first meeting. Your intense relationship ended with an inevitable fight, which ended with your death.

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