Review Vol.3 Naruto – Hokage Edition – Manga

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura plan to take part in the middle class ninja selection exam. But before submitting their candidacy, a very singular shinobi stands in their way: Rock Lee, Taijutsu expert who only has eyes for Sakura, and who challenges Sasuke. The power of the boy attests to one thing: The exam will bring together particularly talented ninjas, and will therefore not be without challenges.

The previous volume inaugurated the second great arc of the series, with particularly strong ambitions since it began the journey of Naruto and his family towards the next stage of their ninja career: The exam to become middle class. A long arc, during which the twists will be legion, assiduous orange shinobi know it well…

At first, we appreciate the different atmospheres that Masashi Kishimoto plants to introduce the entire first stage of this scriptwriting axis. In the second degree marked by a few characters, including the colorful Rock Lee, mingles a seriousness that grows over the chapters. Thus, the first test is a real little delight of intensity, while this one only narrates a written exam, but with heavy stakes. It’s brilliantly conducted, relevant in the school spirit developed around young ninjas, and allows for the highlighting of new characters and their abilities in turn. On rereading this sequence, it’s hard not to cringe when we think back to a certain Samurai 8 who often missed his introductions of characters and concepts… quite the opposite of Naruto.

From then on, the arc of the examination of the middle classes promised only positive things. The second event therefore had the role of confirming this potential, and it is well beyond that it will go. The seriousness of the story only gets worse in this survival mission, since the linearity of the plot is broken by certain elements that upset the story. Kishimoto’s good idea is not to limit the stakes to passing the exam, but to plant other threats in parallel, and plant the seeds of a real plot. Thus appears one of the most emblematic adversaries of the series, which sows the seeds of elements which will take on an unprecedented scale, much later. A serious tone which contributes greatly to the pleasure of reading, but also to the evolution of the characters. We then see a real evolution in Naruto, Sasuke, but also Sakura, while we are only in the beginning of the series. It is particularly pleasant to see figures not confining themselves to their functions and developing real personalities. In terms of writing, the beginning of the story is confirmed as a real treat.

For those who discover Naruto with this version, it’s difficult to sulk their pleasure as the evolution of the plot is tasty, partly thanks to an author who makes an arc which could only have been a simple exam particularly intense and intelligent. , a tournament of school dimensions. But the whole is finely written and plants ever more palpable ambitions. This mixed with the reading comfort of this beautiful case, difficult to stop in reading, the whole thing being addictive.

Regarding the bonuses, this third opus of the Hokage edition is a little more timid: An interview with the author around Kakashi, and a personality test rather dedicated to big fans and young readers. It doesn’t matter, it’s the rediscovery of Naruto that takes precedence!