Russian Artist Becomes Itachi Uchiha With Stunning Naruto Shippuden Cosplay

Itachi Uchiha is one of the most important and beloved characters in naruto shippuden which taught us more lessons than any other and who we can now see in the flesh thanks to the impressive cosplay of a Russian artist.

Absolutely everyone who has seen Naruto He has great affection for Itachi Uchiha, and not only because he is Sasuke’s brother, but because he was basically the great hero of the entire story, even more than the blond ninja himself.

Hence, it also has many fans around the world and that on this occasion, one arrives from Russia who has simply given us the best version of the Uchiha in his iconic Akatsuki suit. Definitely one of the best anime cosplay of Itachi that we have seen.

Photo: Instagram – @vavalika

As you can see, this girl simply becomes Itachi wearing her iconic red cloud organization outfit. It complies with each of the details such as the hair, the black nails, the crossed out Konoha sash, the Akatsuki cape that must also be mentioned is incredibly well made, the ring on his right hand, the marks on the Uchiha’s face and even the activated Sharingan, although it would rather be the Mangekyou as we can see his iconic Demonic Illusion genjutsu: Mirage of Crows.

Photo: Instagram – @vavalika

In this second photograph we can appreciate the cosplay full-body anime that, as you can see, is not a sexy or waifu version of the shinobi, but rather a faithful recreation of this character.

What did you think of the cosplay of Itachi Uchiha of this Russian artist?


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