Russian girl brings out the best in Tsunade Senju in this Naruto cosplay | Spaghetti Code

Naruto became an anime industry classic in its own right. You can be for or against its ending, but if there is something that everyone agrees on, it is that we should have seen more of Tsunade Senju, one of the three Sanin that appeared in the story.

Fortunately thanks to cosplays of Naruto we can always see a little of our favorite characters. The awesome work we want to show you is from the talented Alina Becker, a social media model who specializes in anime cosplay.

Alina Becker did an impressive cosplay de Tsunade Senju in which not only the professionalism of the wardrobe shines, but in the rest of the elements that complement your set of photographs.

Image: Instagram / @japp_leack

The artist’s work is impeccable. Besides being almost a clone of Tsunade, he arranged all the accessories to make it look like the character is at his office in Konoha or at his favorite bar.

Image: Instagram / @japp_leack

In fact, in the photographs of this Russian artist the three passions of the powerful kunoichi are captured. We see her gambling, directing and tidying up the village and also, of course, drinking.

Image: Instagram / @japp_leack

Alina Becker is a full-time model, so her social media accounts for hundreds of thousands of fans. On Instagram for example, he gathers an impressive 327 thousand followers who admire his professional work.

If you liked her content, support her in her premium content accounts so she can keep doing her job and if you want to keep seeing more naruto cosplays, don’t stop reading Spaghetti Code.


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