Russian model cosplays Hinata Hyuga inspired by Naruto Shippuden

In the scene of cosplayers one of the most popular is Anastasia Komoribecause this Russian model is distinguished by having been active for many years and having a lot of experience when it comes to transforming into video game characters, anime and manga. Today Anastasia Komori presented us with her hinata hyuga cosplay inspired by naruto shippuden and announced changes for his followers.

The Russian cosplayer had not published anything in several days and her followers were beginning to worry, but today she published a photograph with her hinata cosplay. East cosplay It is inspired by Hinata’s appearance in the Naruto Shippuden anime, but it is not the only cosplay of this Kunoichi that Komori has made.

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On February 14 the cosplayer Anastasia Komori celebrated Valentine’s Day with a photograph cosplaying Hinata with Ponechka, who cosplayed Naruto in a female version. Even though we had already presented this cosplay beforeit is not a bad time to remember that Anastasia Komori is capable of interpreting the characters faithfully or in alternative versions.

The version of Hinata that introduced Komori with Ponechka had already been shown to her followers, because the first time we saw Anastasia cosplaying as Hinata was in the second week of February, with a photograph by Andrey Rennel that brings out a completely unknown side of Hinata, because in anime always she was shy.

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If you like the work of Anastasia Komori I recommend that you follow her on her social networks, because thanks to her years in the cosplay scene, she stands out for the high quality of her costumes. In addition to his hinata hyuga cosplayAnastasia Komori has done other very good anime cosplays like the Elizabeth cosplay from Seven Deadly Sins.