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The present day Sakura Haruno is celebrating her birthday, so we wanted to share with you a peculiar image where the great heroine of the Fourth Ninja War becomes nothing less than a member of Akatsuki, all thanks to a fanart of naruto shippuden which is pretty cool.

Sakura, being one of the most powerful kunoichi in the entire shinobi world, would undoubtedly have been very useful to Akatsuki due to her enormous strength, the power of the Byakugou, and her medical talent. Although of course the shinobi never hinted at any dark or vindictive behavior like hers, her beloved Sasuke’s, so her arrival in the red cloud group was always out of the equation.

At least officially, because fortunately for the fans of the Haruno girl, an Instagram artist named AviFusionArt shows us what the style of the pink-haired ninja would be like if she had joined the criminal organization of the red cloud.

Photo: Instagram – @avifusionart

In this great fanart of naruto shippuden we can see how Sakura wears the same outfit that she wears in the series of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations that is made up of these white pants and a kind of slightly low-cut kimono open at the waist that is originally red, but here changes it to the iconic black with red clouds design of the Akatsuki.

To complement the “evil” look, he shows a kunai in his right hand and a sword that seems to be the same as Sasuke’s in his left hand, as well as a look that gives him all the malice he requires to belong to the group led by Pain. .

What did you think of this fanart? naruto shippuden with Sakura turned into a full Akatsuki?


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