‘Sakura Card Captor’, ‘Naruto’ and other anime that inspired Rosalía’s “Motomami”

“Motomami” was internationally acclaimed thanks to the atmosphere it built taking as inspiration different musical rhythms and cultures, the most predominant of the latter being the Japanese. These are the anime that inspired the album.

Rosalía continues to sweep Motomami, her most recent album, which has received a rating of 8.4 on Pitchfork, a specialized medium dedicated to reviewing record material. The album has received worldwide acclaim, despite the fact that critics continue to point out “Chicken Teriyaki” for its simplicity.

And who said a motomami couldn’t be an otaku too? With this new album, Rosalía makes clear what her preferences are, building an album with an essence that breathes Japanese culture and mixes musical rhythms such as jazz, reggaeton, pop, ballads and flamenco. We tell you which are the 5 animes that inspired Rosalía’s Motomami stage.


the sleeve of Naruto is one of the best known internationally, which was published from 1999 to 2014 without interruption. Rosalia, In an interview with youtuber Jaime Lozano, he assured that Naruto was one of the small pieces that ended up giving his album ‘Motomami’ a unique essence..

Sakura Card Captor

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Another of the titles that came to light in Rosalía’s vocabulary was Sakura Card Captoran anime that she confessed to having seen in its Catalan translation when she was little. Within ‘Motomami’ there is a song named after Sakura, in which the Spanish singer reflects on the success of being a “popstar” and what remains when it is gone.


1650059749 180 Sakura Card Captor Naruto and other anime that inspired Rosalias

In an interview with Jaime Altozano, Rosalía also mentioned Evangelion. Some joke that the Spanish woman’s preference for this anime was obvious, since her lyrics are sometimes as tangled as the story of this title (which you can find on Amazon Prime Video).

sailor Moon

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Who of the millennials does not remember having seen sailor Moon on Channel 7? This anime is also one of Rosalia’s favorites. Although she did not manage to sneak into any song, it is part of the aesthetic of the singer herself: throughout the press tour and months before she announced the album, He wore a hairstyle similar to this character’s. She more than once she has also shown off a manicure inspired by the aesthetics of said anime.

Aeon Flux

1650059753 686 Sakura Card Captor Naruto and other anime that inspired Rosalias

Rosalía is so obsessed with Aeon Flux that she found a way to include the title on the album, and it is that within the list of songs is “ABCDEFG”, where the singer mentions a couple of words that begin with each letter of the alphabet. When she reaches the F she pronounces: Flux Aeon, altering the original title in order to sneak it into the song.