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Sakura’s debut in the new manga Sasuke’s Story gives Naruto’s most underrated character a chance to shine, redefining her relationship with Sasuke.

Naruto’s most underrated character finally gets his time to shine in the series’ new sequel, Sasuke’s Story, as Sakura makes her long-awaited debut in the smash hit new manga. Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship as a married couple has been the subject of much controversy and criticism from fans, but the pink-haired kunoichi is finally getting her due.

Sakura was initially one of the main characters in Naruto, as a member of Team 7 and a fundamental part of the dynamic between Naruto and Sasuke. However, as the story progressed, the focus clearly shifted to its male characters and Sakura was given very little time to shine. She received a measure of redemption during the final battle of Shinobi World War IV, as Sakura joined Naruto and Sasuke in battle and demonstrated that she was no longer a damsel in distress but could fight at the same level. However, with Boruto’s time skip, Sakura was once again relegated to a secondary role, this time as Sasuke’s loyal wife who awaits her husband’s return from his long missions, while raising their daughter Sarada.

Sasuke’s Story – The Uchiha and the Celestial Stardust is a sequel to Naruto based on a spin-off novel, which promised to give readers a better insight into Sasuke and Sakura’s marital relationship. In Chapter 3, Sasuke is injured and poisoned while investigating the maximum security prison he has infiltrated, posing as an inmate, to find a cure for a mysterious illness affecting Naruto. The Uchiha is saved by the prison’s new doctor, who is revealed to be Sakura. She followed Sasuke to update him on the mission and also to offer her support, despite her husband’s stubborn pleas to return to Konoha.

Sasuke and Sakura’s Relationship Finally Evolves in New Naruto Sequel

Sakura’s arrival is the catalyst that makes Sasuke think about his marriage. In this chapter, he shows his overprotective attitude again, asking Sakura to leave or not put herself in danger. However, he also shows jealousy when another inmate approaches her and seems moved by the words of his new friend Jiji, who says a married couple should always be together. Sasuke is often away from Konoha fulfilling his duties as the village’s protector, but he is now beginning to question that way of life. It’s also great to finally see adult Sakura in a prominent role, as her appearances in Boruto were rare and she was mostly portrayed as a lonely housewife.

Naruto is infamous for its mistreatment of female characters, and Boruto has sadly followed this thread thus far. The incredible success Sasuke’s Story achieves proves that readers have been waiting to see Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship from a different perspective, one that gives Naruto’s (supposed) female protagonist the stardom and respect she’s always deserved.

The Final Chapter of Sasuke’s Story – The Uchiha And The Heavenly Stardust is available from Viz Media.