Sakura joins the Akatsuki thanks to the daring cosplay of this Russian model – Senpai

A Russian model and fan of Naruto has turned the beautiful Sakura Haruno into an Akatuski but not only that, but it has shown us the most sensual, hot and daring version of kunoichi in a cosplay that you will surely love.

Oversexualizing anime girls is not something new because we have seen it countless times in fanarts, collectible figures and also through the cosplay where are usually the cosplayers who turn some of the famous waifus into true deities of love and lust.

This time it has been up to beloved Sakura not only to go over to the opposite or enemy side, but she does so with an outfit that reveals aspects of the Konoha shinobi that you have never seen before. All thanks to Axilirator Cosplay who surprises with this peculiar version of the Haruno girl through her Instagram account.

Photo: Instagram – @axilirator_cosplay

As you can see, this girl rocks a pretty special Akatsuki outfit composed of a kind of tiny black bikini with the red clouds of the criminal organization. She wears a pair of thigh-high stockings and another kind of latex-type cover on her legs. It also highlights the iconic hat worn by the members of Akatsuki that we once got to see Itachi, Deidara and Sasori.

The cosplayer wears this pink wig that somehow recreates Sakura’s hair, and I say somehow since the kunoichi had short hair in naruto shippuden. She also dons a pair of green eyeglasses to replicate the beautiful gaze of the Leaf Village ninja.

What did you think of the sexy cosplay of Sakura Akatsuki version made by this Russian model?


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