Sasuke Retsuden, the new Naruto anime that has Sasuke and Sakura as protagonists and premieres in January 2023

about a month and a half ago The publication of a new “Naruto” manga started in MangaPlus which, in essence, episodically adapted one of the most popular novels created for the universe of masahi kishimoto. Yes, I’m talking about what is known as “Sasuke Retsuden“, and as was obvious it took rather little to become one of the most popular reads of the streaming reading platform. Now, surprisingly, it has been announced that the same “Sasuke Retsuden” will have its own anime.

Sasuke Retsuden’s manga will be adapted as an anime in early 2023

Then I leave you with the ShonenLeaks tweetwho is the one who has come out in this case with the ‘Breaking News’ just a few days after JUMP Festa 2023 is held:

And now I tell you four truly relevant things About this “Sasuke Retsuden” anime project:

  • To begin, it is important to note that Sasuke Retsuden will not have a separate anime itself, but will be adapted as an additional story within the set of Boruto. ✔️
  • According to ShonenLeaks, the anime of Sasuke Retsuden will start as well as a Boruto arc on January 8, 2023. ❗
  • Please also note that this announcement has not yet been made officially. It is It may take place in the next few days or directly at JUMP Festa 2023. In any case, taking into account that Naruto has been advancing for many weeks a special announcement during the event in question, it is quite likely that AT LEAST this Sasuke Retsuden anime is one of the surprises that are prepared. ❗
  • Currently, the Sasuke Retsuden manga has four chapters published, arriving the fifth during the December 17 which is, ‘oh coincidence’, the day JUMP Festa 2023 starts. ✔️

Honestly, it seems like a pretty smart strategy that they are going to take with “Sasuke Retsuden”: they adapt one of the secondary works of greatest interest within the framework of “Naruto” and it does so at the same time giving more than one reason to connect to see “boruto. At the moment it is unknown how many episodes it will cover, but I have no doubt that the “Sasuke Retsuden” anime will become one of the most followed ‘surprises’ of early 2023.

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