SelectaVisión will release the complete Naruto series on Blu-ray for the first time in Spain… Wow!

Take your kunai, that starting in March you have an appointment with Naruto and company in the Blu-ray edition that SelectaVisión will launch.

The anime has left some series over the years that, no matter how much time passes, are still as enjoyable as the first day, even with filler.

series like One Piece, Dragon Ball or the one that occupies us now, Naruto, have become absolute icons of anime, and continue to fascinate current generations.

Naruto moved us to the Hidden Leaf Village, where the young Naruto Uzumaki (Uzumaki Naruto) dreamed of becoming one day great and, perhaps one day, the hokage master, the leader of the Village.

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Created by Masashi Kishimoto (Kishimoto Masashi) in 1999, the Naruto manga was published until 2014 in the magazine Shūkan Shōnen Jump.

The original anime would arrive in 2002 from the hand of Pierrot, and would air until 2007, recounting Naruto’s training as a ninja, along with his teammates 7: Sasuke Uchiha (Uchiha Sasuke), Sakura Haruno (Haruno Sakura) and her sensei, Kakashi Hatake (Hatake Kakashi).

For the first time in Spain, SelectaVisión will bring in this 2022 the complete series of Naruto in Blu-ray format, with a collection that includes some fantastic surprises.

Starting March 25 we will receive at home the first box of this collection of 9 deliveries that will contain the 220 episodes from the original Naruto anime.

It is a restored version that preserves the original format and dispenses with any type of censorship that the series could suffer over the years. Take a look at the images shared by our colleague Antonio Sánchez-Migallón.

The €350 subscription also includes the advantage of receive each box of the collection the day it is released without shipping costs, next to a container box to preserve the complete collection, which we will receive with the first box.

In addition, SelectaVisión will give us a grandista naruto figure, a official bandana of the Villa de la Hoja and one collection of six exclusive and limited coins with its box to expose and preserve them.

It is an excellent opportunity to relive Naruto’s adventures in this world where ninjas make a difference.

You can now subscribe to the collection through the SelectaVisión website, either by paying the €350 tocateja or by more comfortable installments.

What do you think about being able to have the complete collection of the original anime of Naruto on Blu-ray? It’s to celebrate with some good noodles.

Remember that, in addition, Naruto anime has reached Amazon Prime Video thanks to the agreement signed with SelectaVisión.