Sexy Jutsu and Sage Mode are combined in excellent Naruto Shippuden cosplay

The blond ninja is the creator of some of the most “useless” but popular jutsus within the wide range of powers in the shinobi world. We are talking about the famous Sexy Jutsu that has now been combined with the powerful Sage Mode thanks to an excellent cosplay from naruto shippuden.

Sexy jutsu has always been hated by Sakura and all the girls in Konoha and with good reason. Not to mention that it has been classified as a power that is offensive because it undermines the true use of ninjutsu and chakra among ninjas. However, we can’t deny that the blond ninja gave us a good laugh with this apparently useless “power”.

And we say apparently because let’s remember that, although in a harem and male version, it served to attack Kaguya Otsutsuki hand-to-hand, in addition to that we have seen his son Boruto has worked for him in at least a couple of missions. For this reason, perhaps it would seem so strange or silly to combine it with a power of much greater magnitude such as the sage mode, since it could serve to mislead and attack one or another perverted opponent with the enormous power of senjutsu, in addition to the combination looks pretty cool, just take a look at this cosplay of anime.

Photo: Instagram – @findnicolehere

As you can see, this artist has combined the best of both powers by showing us the female version of Naruto using the sexy Jutsu that is characterized by that hairstyle in two pigtails, but giving it all the greatness of the Sage Mode that we can distinguish by the orange shade. that surrounds your eyes by activating the power of nature.

Likewise, the wise man’s outfit in red that stands out for the cape that the character wears after his training, as well as the contract scroll with the Toads. Let’s remember that We saw this look on Naruto when he arrived in Konoha to face Pain.

what did you think of this cosplay from naruto shippuden that combines the Sexy Jutsu with the Sage Mode?


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