Some fans of the LGBT community consider that Naruto and Sasuke could be a couple

Come on, before you want to burn us for this note, it is worth mentioning that Masashi Kishimoto has made his intentions quite clear so far for the story of Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha and their romantic lives.

However, this has not prevented some fans from wondering over time if these two characters were really destined to take the path they took with their respective wives or if the original intentions of their creator were different, to the extent that some fans and members of the LGBT community have said that Kishimoto originally planned to make these two characters a gay couple, all this based on a supposed interview made by the artist.

And this rumor is not the only source that the community has taken into account for its theories, since the series itself could be taken as a reference. In Sasuke’s case, the story presents him rejecting many women, especially as he gets older. But since there was no content per se that hinted at a preference for men, many thought he was too mission-minded to have time for romance. Still, while creator Masashi Kishimoto may not have dared to “touch” such a popular anime character, there is enough context for speculation to exist.

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As the story continues, and Sasuke is shown to have no interest in women in the age of Naruto, fans can’t help but reflect on the character’s evolution. Especially when you consider that Sakura kept throwing herself at him, like other girls in Konoha, but Sasuke just wasn’t interested. Even when he got older and met Karin, Sasuke was not interested in romance, and Konohamaru is a bit surprised by how Sasuke ended up with Sakura. In fact, many people were surprised by their union, since there was no romantic backstory, there was no basis for this romance. And considering Konohamaru’s thoughts, It seems that the fact that Sasuke was straight was kind of forced, and that he and Sakura were an afterthought, in order that he could have Sarada and continue the Uchiha bloodline in the aftermath, or at least this is what the LGBT community thinks.

Taking up the story of Naruto a bit, Throughout the series there have been a couple of moments in which the sexuality of both characters is questioned, there are even moments in which Naruto and Sasuke have kissed. As it happens in the video that we leave above.

Of course, these scenes could mean nothing and simply be a joke from their creator, as well as the fact that Sasuke is simply an asexual character or one that shows no interest in romance. Either way, whether all this is true or not, nothing changes in the story and the facts, since these are only theories of the fans that do not harm anyone and like any work, it is always open to speculation along with its characters.