Spider-Man visits the universe of Naruto and Dragon Ball in an incredible fanmade crossover

At the end of last year we saw the premiere of spider-man: No Way Home and with it the debut of the Marvel multiverse in a live-action film. This marked a great event for the cinema and left a mark on Spider-Man fans, including jalex pink who decided to do a crossover with the animes of dragonball Y Naruto.

There is no doubt that Dragon Ball was the most popular anime for many years and Naruto has been the most popular of the last two decades, so it makes sense that Jalex Rosa would have chosen these two for the crossover with Spider-Man that this introduced. year. The crossover was published in February 2022 and was done in about a month.

Jalex Rosa shared her creation on YouTube under the name “i Put SPIDER-MAN in ANIME WORLDS in 30 Days”, with a video of just over nine minutes in which he explains where his idea came from and how he carried it out, explaining the process step by step in a very entertaining way. At the end of the video we can see the result from minute 8:49.

Jalex Rosa’s video shows Peter Parker in his Spider-Man suit on the roof of a New York building, before jumping through a portal to appear in Konoha, no less. After seeing the Kyubi wreaking havoc in the background, Spider-Man decides to jump into another portal and ends up in front of the fight between Goku and Frieza from Dragon Ball Z, with a huge Shen Long in the background.

The Dragon Ball Z battle is more than Spider-Man can handle so he decides to head back to Konoha, where he begins to prepare a chidori before giving up and letting the nine-tailed fox finish him off along with the rest of the gang. Konoha. Jale Rosa’s video has just under 2.5 million views on YouTube, which is why it has been appreciated by many comic book fans, the anime and manga.

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