Spy X Family, My Neighbor Totoro, Naruto…: these 9 manga families that we all dream of having

The family occupies a very important place in manga. If some are not at all enviable, like the Zoldiks in Hunter x Hunterothers on the contrary make the reader want to be part of it.


#1 The Forgers – Spy X family

Spy x Family is one of the most popular anime of the moment. The principle of the manga is precisely to show the particular and fictionalized daily life of a blended family. The father is a spy, the mother a killer, the dog can predict the future and the adorable Anya a telepath. Even if their meeting is only justified by the scenario, it is incredibly close-knit and makes you want to integrate into it.

#2 komi’s family – Komi Can’t Communicate


Even if Shouko Komi seems distant and inaccessible at the beginning of the plot, this evolves very quickly. As the chapters go by, we even discover the family of the most shy girl in Japan, and we understand where her anxiety communication disorder comes from: her father is the same. It’s clear that the latter are very fond of Shouko and her brother, Shousuke. So much so that they even seem to drown under this heap of love. Everyone gets along very well in this family, and it’s nice to see, because they have fun when they are together.

#3 At Kobayashi’s – Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid


The plot of this manga is somewhat strange. For simplicity, consider Kobayashi, Toru, and Kanna a touching family. Kanna, very young for a dragon, suspects a deep and sincere love between Kobayashi (human) and Toru (dragon), the dragon she takes in. Over the course of the adventures, including in particular the arrival of Toru’s real parents, we understand the powerful emotional bond that binds this strange family.. Just like for Spy x Family, Besides. This humorous seinen will definitely cheer you up and make you want to live with Miss Kobayashi.

#4 The Kusakabe – my Neighbor Totoro

As the film begins, Mr. Kusakabe and his two daughters move to the countryside to be closer to his hospitalized wife. Despite the stress of moving, work, his wife’s illness and raising his daughters, Mr Kusakabe never complained. When the two girls cross paths with nature spirits, rather than being in confrontation or denying their discovery like a childish fantasy, he trusts his daughters. He even uses it as a learning opportunity to make them more comfortable in the world around them.. It’s a luxury that not all parents have given their children.

#5 The Nara Clan – naruto


Family stories are often complicated in the world of naruto. Itachi Uchiha has killed all the members of his clan, Naruto no longer has parents, the Hyugas have a very particular and not at all enviable system. But the Nara, Shikamaru’s family, have the double advantage of possessing a powerful hereditary power, and of being welded.

#6 Joeystar – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure


The Joeystars are a family with an incredible destiny. Being a Joeystar means two things: already, you have a star in the neck, a sign of your family, but in addition, you will live incredible adventures. For the quality of the family, even if some fathers are clearly absent subscribers, one cannot say of the Joeystars that they had an unhappy childhood, raised by their mother in most cases.

#7 The Royal Family –Ranking of Kings


Every anime episode Ranking of Kings makes you love his characters a little more. The shonen takes the total opposite of what is done in the field, and it is terribly satisfying. Bojji’s parents are people open enough to consider leaving the throne to their first born, a severely handicapped child, deaf and dumb, so weak and small that he is unable to wield a sword. The very existence of Hiling, the main character’s mother-in-law, is an excellent argument for warmly recommending you Ranking of Kings if you want to see a shonen treat family matters differently.

#8 The Shimogamo –The Eccentric Family


The Eccentric Family is as much a family drama as it is a comedy. The majority of the plot is devoted to the family problems they encounter. Each of the characters has their own vision of the family, and the episodes serve above all to confront ideas between them. If the eldest of the brothers feels ready to replace his deceased father in the role of representative of the Tanuki, his little brother Yasaburô considers to have “blood of idiot” in the veins, an expression representing the mark of the destiny of the family. Everything is encompassed in a very Japanese vision of the family, where respect for traditions and references to the culture of the country are very important. Despite all these family problems, there is a surprising candor and a certain pleasure in following the Shimogamo’s daily life.

#9 The Jinnouchi – Summer Wars


The Jinnouchi family from the movie Summer Wars is a very large extended family headed by a matriarch, Sakae. We find out about them all when Kenji Koiso is brought to their home by his classmate, Natsuki Shinohara as a fake fiancé. Kenji will quickly find himself drawn into the comical antics of this large, tight-knit and influential family.. “Never turn your back on family, especially when times are tough” are the words that sum up the Jinnouchi in the film. The film will prove to you that the bonds created by an extended family can be very precious. And it’s not Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious 9 who will tell you otherwise.