Squid Game: These 10 Naruto Characters Could Survive The Game!

They gave Naruto fans chills … Here are ten characters from the anime who could quite easily win Squid Game!

Squid Games pitted heroes from various horizons … But if those of Naruto had had to play out, would they have survived? MCETV offers you ten characters who could have gotten away with it facing this dangerous game. And who might even win.

10 Naruto characters who can win

Shikamaru, the false calm in Squid Game

Shikamaru can often appear lazy… But behind appearances, he could turn out to be a great competitor. His quick wit, but especially his love of money, could make him a potential winner. And the risk of dying motivates him!

Asuma Sarutobi, le leader de Naruto

Asuma is smart, shrewd, and seems capable of taking the reins of an alliance in Squid game. He could easily form a great, well-knit team. What to get around all the difficulties and succeed in winning as a team!

Neji Hyuga: the collective

Neji Hyuga often shows practical intelligence in Naruto. So he could do real miracles. He is never afraid … And so little to put his prudence at the service of success. A calm and solid winner for the game?

Might Guy, trop facile, Squid Game ?

The taijutsu master increases in intensity as Naruto. Few trust him at first, but his opponents had better beware. Because it has a great range of qualities to go to the end of the game.

Sasuke Uchiha: tactical intelligence

As winner of Squid Game, Sasuke Uchiha would look good! Intrepid, he always faces danger. But never wrongly and through. Strategist, he would thus understand the importance of alliances… And could therefore go very far!

Squid Game: These 10 Naruto Characters Could Survive The Game!

Minato Namikaze gagnat de Squid game ?

Mighty Hokage, Minato Namikaze makes a huge impression in Naruto. It must also be said that he combines speed and the ability to lead troops into combat … He would therefore have no fear of facing death. And above all to win.

Lady Tsunade, a force of nature

Lady Tsunade shows insane physical strength. What to get out of … But behind that, she hides quite impressive mental and physical endurance facing the difficulty. No, games don’t scare him, and he can go to the end.

Kakashi Hatake

Simply unbeatable. Among the favorite characters of Naruto fans, he would undoubtedly be one of the favorite Squid Game characters. A potential winner, both for his desire to win and for his natural talent.

Squid Game, a game for Sakura Haruno

Strength and intelligence mixed in one person: Sakura Haruno could definitely win Squid Game. It seems indeed able to rally other players to his cause… And also to seek victories in the toughest games.

Jiraiya: a puzzle for Squid Game

Solitary, Jiraiya is one of the most enigmatic of Naruto … But this eccentric side breaks a strength and an intelligence extraordinary. So he could very well appear in the Netflix series. For us, he would even be able to win hands down!