Tenevi_Hagane makes a female Naruto cosplay in Naruto Shippuden

On previous occasions we have featured the incredible work of cosplay what have you done Tenevi_Hagane with the characters from Demon Slayer, but this time we introduce you to a classic Shonen character, although in a female version. Is about Naruto, whom Tenevi Cosplay plays with the costume we saw in Naruto Shippuden.

Naruto He is one of the most representative anime and manga protagonists of the shonen genre in recent decades, so it is not surprising to learn that almost all artists dedicated to cosplay have played a character from Kishimoto at some point. Although time has passed You kept Cosplay lhe came to disguise himself as Naruto in his adolescent version.

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As is customary with the photographs published by Tenevi Cosplay Girl, these were taken by Kalugina Ekaterina, who has a large catalog of anime cosplays on his social networks. The cosplay of Tenevi as Naruto was done on a set with a yellow background, so it looks more colorful than other sessions he has shared.

Although the cosplayer took some creative liberties with her costume, it is a very faithful representation of Naruto in his female version and the representative colors of Naruto shippuden they fit very well. With this cosplay, Tenevi demonstrates its versatility and pays tribute to one of the most popular series in recent years.

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Tenevi Cosplay (tenevi_hagane) is approaching a thousand posts on her Instagram account, so if you like her work I recommend that you follow her and check out the rest of her costumes. Some of the best he has featured are the cosplay de Nezuko Kamado de Demon Slayer, just like him Mitsuri Kanroji cosplay, the pillar of love.