The 10 best chapters of Naruto Shippuden according to IMDb

naruto shippuden It is undoubtedly one of the best animes in history, and proof of this is the large number of episodes that enjoy an impeccable rating on IMDb.

10. The fourth Hogake

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Chapter 138 of naruto shippuden It got a 9.2 on IMDb thanks to Naruto’s emotional reunion with his father. One of those episodes that got us all crocodile.

9. I’m in hell

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Episode 345 earned a 9.2 on IMDb for delving into the disturbing world of Madara and Obito. and its best hidden secrets. One of the most intense and darkest episodes in all of Masashi Kishimoto’s work.

8. Congratulations

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Episode 474 also managed to fill us with all kinds of emotions with Naruto and Minato’s final farewell after the battle against Kaguya. On IMDb it has a score of 9.2.

7. The Seal of Reconciliation

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After the storm, calm. After the fierce fight between Naruto and Sasuke, the anime presented the long-awaited reconciliation in its episode 478 which rose with a 9.2 on the platform.

6. Madara Uchiha

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Madara Uchiha revealed why the Uchiha was one of the most feared clans in the ninja world by facing the Fourth Division with his bare fists. A great display of the power that ran within the shinobi in chapter 322 that took a 9.3 on IMDb.

5. Thank you

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If the reunion with Minato had been something special, Naruto and Kushina’s hug is still impregnated in our hearts and in that of the Seventh Hokage with this unique and emotional moment of the series. This is episode 249 of naruto shippuden which received a 9.3 on IMDb.

4. Kakashi vs. Obito

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Another of the great surprises and most anticipated encounters was that of Kakashi with Obito, old childhood friends. After paying off your outstanding bills, shinobi had no choice but to fist fight in chapter 375 which was rated 9.3.

3. The last fight

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Yes, this was Naruto and Sasuke’s last fight and also the most epic. The two shinobi released all their inner chakra to show us their most powerful transformations. with the Susanoo and Kurama’s chakra. This happened in chapter 476 which closed with a 9.3 on IMDb.

2. Sasuke and Naruto

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Naruto and Sasuke’s battle to the death ended with an emotional reconciliation between the old friends, not before exhausting all his chakra and with it his desire to fight. Episode 477 closed with a 9.5 on IMDb.

1. The story of the brave Jiraiya

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The best chapter of naruto shippuden according to IMDb it is 133, “The story of the brave Jiraiya”, with a score of 9.5. And it could not be for less, because the loss of the legendary Sannin marked us all for life, revealing the most emotional moment of the entire anime.


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