The anime announces the release date of the Arc Code!

With this year’s Jump Festa announcing the arrival of Sasuke Retsuden, the spin-off series centered on Sasuke and Sakura after Naruto Shippudenand a new worldwide popularity poll having been released online, the TV series is looking to once again return to its source material and release Arc Code next year.

After Jigen’s death, the loss of the Nine-Tailed Fox, and Sasuke’s use of the Rinnegan, Konohagakure licks his wounds as the right-hand man of the late leader of the Kara Organization plots his revenge. Coded is a character that looks a lot like Kawakiused by Kara as a vessel for the Otsutsuki, though the former is seen more as a “failed experiment” than the newest member of the Hidden Leaf Village. The upcoming storyline will not only see Code building an army to replace Kara’s losses, but it will also introduce two new villains, Eida and Daemonwhich are sure to cause confusion in the world of Ninjas.

Boruto Vs.Code

New artwork has been released for the anime adaptation of the Shonen franchise. The story hits the small screen in February next year and will take viewers back to stories that began in Weekly Shonen Jump:

In the current manga, Konoha must make extreme decisions when it comes to adding new ninjas to its ranks, as Code’s threat continues to grow to a level that may well surpass Jigen’s. With the demise of the Kyuubi and the loss of massive power for Sasuke, the responsibility to protect the ninja world now rests on the shoulders of the next generation of ninjas. Unfortunately for Konoha, Boruto continues to struggle against the Otsutsuki that resides within his own body, Momoshiki.