The creator of Jojo’s Bizarre draws Naruto with his style and has divided fans

Do you think Naruto’s look is a bit disturbing?

Even though Naruto and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure are shonen action series, the two successful manga have big differences. One of the main ones is in the style of his illustrations, which could not be more different. Fans of the manga can’t help but have widely divided opinions over Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure creator Hirohiko Araki’s illustrations depicting the most famous shinobi in the world.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, released in 1987, is a sprawling multigenerational epic whose story centers on the descendants of the Joestar family and their battles against the evil vampire Dio Brando and his respective followers.. The series is famous for its distinctive art style, which puts a lot of emphasis on fashion and poses. In addition, the characters have very fine features that have caught the attention of the audience. Conversely, Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto has a much more traditional art style which continues to influence animation and other popular classic shonen features two decades after its debut. It is these differences that make the prospect of seeing Naruto himself drawn by Araki such an interesting experience.

On the occasion of Naruto’s 10th anniversary in 2009, the Naruto Secret: Scroll of Everyone Official Fanbook was released. The book brought together a wide variety of manga creators to commemorate the iconic series. Among them, highlights an artwork by Akira Toriyama and Kishimoto depicting Naruto and Goku exchanging their positions. However, the most controversial work among fans was undoubtedly Araki’s portrayal of Naruto. Far from Kishimito’s style, this new version of Naruto had pretty much all the hallmarks of a Jojo character, like the highly detailed face and quirky expression. Following his introduction, fans have been divided as to what to do with him.

Although the artwork is undoubtedly extraordinary, there is something about his image that is more than disturbing for some fans. Far from criticizing Araki, Naruto’s hair and deep gaze almost have elements of the wacky valley, as if they’re close to being realistic, but they’re just far enough from reality that something feels off looking at him. On the other hand, many other fans love this authentic work of art. Such an interpretation of Naruto seems much more real and concrete than in the current manga. Most of the current divide among fans pretty much comes down to whether someone is a fan of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure or not. Of course, Jojo’s fans have become accustomed to Araki’s characteristic style. and, therefore, they will appreciate the original version of the successful creator of one of the best known ninjas in the world. On the other hand, fans less familiar with Araki’s work will probably see this as a huge departure from the way Naruto is usually portrayed.

However, regardless of the opinion of each fan, it is undeniable that both Masashi Kishimoto and Hirohiko Araki are two great artists whose influence on manga and comic book narrative, in general, has spread more and more and has inspired great works. . Even Naruto fans who find something odd about this illustration from the creator of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure have to admit that it’s quite an admirable piece of art that simultaneously pays tribute to two legacies.

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