The English speaking voice of Sasuke (Naruto) was terrified of the threats from fans

He is an essential character in Naruto. So much so that his voice actor was targeted by worrying threats…

The work of Masashi Kishimoto fascinates since its inception. With its 250 million copies sold around the world, some manga enthusiasts were so worried, at the time, about its anime adaptation that they were able to be aggressive with the dubbing voices… Like Yuri Lowenthal, Sasuke’s English voice.

An iconic character and voice

He is one of the most popular in the Kishimoto universe. The “tortured” antihero sends shivers down the spines of fans and his rival. Although he has often alternated between third and fourth place in the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine’s polls, of the best characters in narutohe also had his moments of glory with several first places.

In France, we know the boy from the Uchiwa clan with the voice of Christophe Hespel, also interpreter of Roronoa Zoro child in One Piecebut in English-speaking countries, it was actor Yuri Lowenthal who had the chance to play Sasuke for many years.

death threats

The success of the manga has led to sometimes inappropriate reactions from some fans. Indeed, many have had excessive behavior which greatly worried the American voice actor, also known for being the voice of Superman in The legend of superheroes.

In an interview a few years ago with the company Madman AnimeYuri Lowenthal revealed that with so many fans already on the internet at the time, he was very anxious. “Before the first episode aired, they were all like, ‘If it’s not good, we’re gonna start killing people !’ And you’re like, ‘Oh my God!'”, he confides. Maile Flanagan, the voice of Naruto, confirmed, adding: “We received crazy emails”.

Threats that have, fortunately, never been carried out and a story that ended well. The English voices, like the French ones, were very appreciated by the spectators and the animated one immediately met with dazzling success in the United States, in France and around the world.