The famous manga Naruto in symphonic cine-concert for its 20th anniversary

This is an event for all Naruto fans. The music show Naruto Symphonic Experience offers to relive the extraordinary adventures of the young ninja apprentice, for more than two hours. The Dome of Paris hosts the first performances, before a tour in the regions.

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Published for the first time in Japan in 1999, Naruto very quickly won over manga lovers. On the strength of this success, in 2002, the hero of the Japanese mangaka and screenwriter Masashi Kishimoto was adapted for Japanese television. In France, it will arrive on our small screen in 2006, four years after the French version of the manga.

The Naruto Symphonic Experience shows highlights from the first 220 episodes of the anime series. A real challenge for the teams who worked on this film. “It took a lot of hours of viewing and a precise choice to make so that the fans find the best moments”, reports Julien Vallespi, the creator of the cine-concert. “But also”he adds, “so that parents who accompany the youngest can discover the story of Naruto in 2h30”. During the screening, around fifty musicians from the symphony orchestra Odino perform live the greatest tunes from the animated series. A concert under the direction of Sylvain Audinovski.

With 220,000 copies sold last year, Naruto remains the most popular manga in France. The fans, like Mademoiselle Soso, are numerous. Passionate about manga and influencer, she dresses like her heroes. Clichés to see on social networks. The young woman has more than 500,000 subscribers. “In fact, with Naruto, there is a whole multitude of characters with whom we can identify. We are far from what we were able to know with Disney. The good, the bad and then that’s it”, explains Miss Soso.

Naruto Symphonic Experience can be seen at the Dôme de Paris (15th) until October 16, then in Toulouse, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nantes, Strasbourg, Lyon and Lille until December 18, 2022. All places and dates, here.