The fantastic experience of the Uchiha Hotel for the most daring fans!

Team 7 sponsored a lot of them, so you can imagine how much Sasuke did to appease his fanbase. Today, Naruto brings Uchiha back into the limelight with a special hotel experience, which will allow fans to rub shoulders with his revered clan..

All offered by the Highland Resort Hotel and Spa. If you didn’t know, the tourist spot is a must-see for Naruto fans since it opened an anime-themed room in 2019. The bedroom has everything from sigil patterns to ninja portraits and more. And now the hotel is embracing a special Uchiha theme to celebrate Sasuke’s birthday.

The hotel of big fans

According to the hotel, the Summer of Uchiha event started on July 23 and will run until September 11.. His Naruto-themed room will be transformed into an Uchiha room and decorated with the Sharingan. The room will also be filled with artwork of Sasuke and Itachi, and guests can earn their own ninja credential during their stay if they complete a training side quest.

There will be other ways to celebrate Uchiha if you don’t want to do extra missions. The hotel has revamped the menu of its Macaroni Club restaurant, which includes many treats dedicated to the clan. This includes special coffees and cakes if you feel like it. Additionally, the hotel has ordered special items featuring Sasuke and Itachi for guests staying during the event.

As you can imagine, this event will be a must for Uchiha fans. After all, it’s not every day that the clan is celebrated like this. But with this special experience, visitors will be able to see what it’s like to visit the Uchiha IRL complex..