The favorite character of the author of Naruto will shock you!

The universe of Naruto is extremely vast and contains a hundred characters. Whether it’s protagonists or antagonists, there’s something for everyone. Even Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of the work has his favorite character.

The cult characters of Naruto

Created in 1999, naruto rocked a whole generation of manga fans. Considered one of the most accomplished and favorite works of the otaku community, Naruto is part of the legendary Big 3 who revolutionized the world of Japanese comics. Even today, thanks to Boruto: Next Generation, it is possible to follow the adventures of our favorite heroes, as well as those of their children. Of course, given the diversity of characters, all Naruto fans have their favorite.

For some it will be Itachi Uchiha, one of the most badass antiheroes in manga, and probably the best written by the author. Many also like Kakashi’s pedagogy and humor. When others will prefer the main protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki. Thanks to his legendary wisdom and superpowered techniques, the former bullied child became a hokage and taught many life principles to readers of the manga. But for the author, Masashi Kishimotothis is another character that he loved to draw.

Sasuke, Kishimoto’s little darling

Against all odds, it is Sasuke Kishimoto’s favorite character. The young prodigy of the Uchiha family, tormented for a good part of the manga, knew how to put aside his resentment and open his eyes, in order to protect Konoha and the enemy threat. If for a time, his favorite characters were Killer Bee and Chôji Akimichi, the Japanese mangaka often reconsidered his choice with Rock Lee, Gaara and Hinata. Before finally choosing Sasuke at the time of the fourth Great Ninja War.

Kishimoto confirmed in an interview that Naruto’s rival was his favorite character, as he was more complicated to draw his emotions and character. His past and his story have made him a controversial figure among Naruto fans, but obviously not for the manga author.