The Fortnite x Naruto collab is getting closer, and could even include Kakashi and Sasuke

Patch after patch, Epic Games is inserting ever more encrypted files relating to Naruto and his universe into Fortnite. It is no longer whether the partnership will happen, but WHEN. And as of this writing, Epic Games manages to keep it a secret. On the other hand, the publisher has left the door open to other very interesting dataminings, which confirm certain theories on the content of the collab ‘. This morning, with the implementation of patch 18.30, the most famous leakers in the world have got their hands on valuable information, regarding Kunai weapons, as well as Sasuke and Kakashi.

Wield a knife like a real Shinobi

We knew that the kunai had a very good chance of arriving in Fortnite, as collection tools or as new weapons. This is now confirmed by Hypex, who even extracted some stats from the game files on this future weapon, straight from the Naruto universe:

  • Cooldown: 4 seconds
  • Max range: 300 meters
  • Delay between two shots: 1.5 seconds
  • Hand hold time: 0.15 seconds

The information is therefore still a little obscure on the use of these throwing daggers, but we should learn more about their gameplay soon!

And that’s not all ! Visuals ofa Ninja scroll and a bowl of Ramen were also unearthed. They are definitely linked to future collaboration, as quest items, consumables or cosmetic accessories.

Fortnite : Battle royale

Fortnite : Battle royale

Sasuke and Kakashi

It is also Hypex who was one of the first dataminers to highlight the presence of two files relating to the collab ‘Naruto, named “HeadbandK” & “HeadbandS”, and which may well have something to do with Kakashi and Sasuke.

The two famous shonen characters could also be part of the collab after all, at least as skins. As a reminder, and unlike what had been datamined in the first place, the Naruto skin will in principle NOT be part of the content of the S8 battle pass. The character should appear in stores for v-bucks for those who wish to pick it up.

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Not sure that the American star appreciates his new look on Fortnite … At least on Nintendo Switch, and with a machine that skates a little to load the textures. Since the last patch, many players have complained about the nightmarish appearance of some skins.